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Won’t Take that Credit; I know Where We Get It; Them Blessings Be Comin’ from God Above

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Rather than my standard picture of an inflatable turkey, thought (with apologies to Lecrae, I’d give thanks for some of the many blessings in my life.

Count it up, count it up, count it up.
Line ’em up, line ’em up, line ’em up.

Bennett 2017 Family Photo
Blessed with a tremendous biological family. Blessed to share DNA and a life with these people.

Blessed to be a part of Olivia’s family. Blessed to learn a new definition of the word “family” from Shorty and Doris.

Mission Trip  - Day 0
Blessed to be a part of an incredible church family. From Youth Group to Methodist Men to the people I see in the pews on Sundays.

Thanksgiving - 2017
Blessed to have a job and double blessed to have a great work family. 7 AM comes pretty early, but so many of the people I work with make the struggle worth the effort.

Blessed to share a life with this band of brothers. Not one of us has any fashion sense, but I’d still take a bullet for any of them.

Blessed to fit in with this band of sisters as well.

Movie Club
Blessed to be able to share my love of weird cinema with like minded individuals once a month.

October 28, 2017
Blessed to be a Cyclone and double blessed to have somebody to share so many trips to Jack Trice (a spiritual place for me) with.

Blessed to have a roof over my head that belongs to me. Blessed that I can extend that roof over friends and family when their life needs it. Blessed that when I say, “Want to help paint by house?” 20+ people show up.

Blessed that friends from past jobs are still important pillars of my current life.

The Howard Children
Blessed that people that aren’t related to me consider me an uncle to them.

August 15, 2017
Blessed to have a car that I can drive out of town and not worry about the tire falling off.

Blessed to have so many people in my life that when I say, “I’m coming to your city”, they say, “You’re staying with us right?”

Tenderloining at Nick's
Blessed to have so many people in my life that fill gaps.

Selfie Project - March 5
Blessed that even though I’m aged, I still healthy enough to still ball. Although pretty poorly these days.

Selfie Project - January 27
Blessed that even though I’m aged, I still have people in my life that keep me young.

Selfie Project - January 21
Blessed to have people in my life that want to change the world for the better, when I get cynical.

Selfie Project -January 14
Blessed to have art in my life.

May 25, 2017
Blessed to have a beautiful beard. Even if the old guys at my church hate it.

Blessed to have people who will help with projects like this, no questions asked.

Photo of the Day 0003 - May 5, 2014
Blessed to share a life and a domicile with this crazy beast. Teaches me about selfless love every single day.

June 28, 2017
Blessed to have a chance to spread my blessings to others, sometimes, with some of my favorite people.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of my blessings. But I don’t want it to start to sound like I’m bragging.

The Selfie Project – September

Here is a look back at my favorite September photos from THE SELFIE PROJECT:

September 1, 2017
September 1

September 2, 2017
September 2

September 6, 2017
September 6

September 7, 2017
September 7

September 10, 2017
September 10

September 15, 2017
September 15

September 16, 2017
September 16

September 17, 2017
September 17

September 20, 2017
September 20

September 21, 2017
September 21

September 23, 2017
September 23

September 24, 2017
September 24

September 25, 2017
September 25

September 26, 2017
September 26

September 27, 2017
September 27

September 28, 2017
September 28

September 29, 2017
September 29

And if you can’t wait for these monthly updates, you can follow THE SELFIE PROJECT’S daily updates by following me on Instagram:


I think I had a pretty decent September. Hopefully October treats me well.

Selfie Project – August

One of the benefits of THE SELFIE PROJECT is that I can look back at a month and feel less worthless. Hey, I actually did go out and do stuff and see people in month X. I’m a winner!

Speaking of winners, these are the photos I consider winners from the month of August:

August 2, 2017
August 2, 2017

August 5, 2017
August 5, 2017

August 6, 2017
August 6, 2017

August 7, 2017
August 7, 2017

August 10, 2017
August 10, 2017

August 11, 2017
August 11, 2017

August 12, 2017
August 12, 2017

August 13, 2017
August 13, 2017

August 15, 2017
August 15, 2017

August 16, 2017
August 16, 2017

August 19, 2017
August 19, 2017

August 20, 2017
August 20, 2017

August 21, 2017
August 21, 2017

August 22, 2017
August 22, 2017

August 23, 2017
August 24, 2017

August 26, 2017
August 26, 2017

August 27, 2017
August 27, 2017

August 29, 2017
August 29, 2017

August 30, 2017
August 30, 2017

August 31, 2017
August 31, 2017

Remember that THE SELFIE PROJECT photos are posted on Instagram on the daily. If you don’t know, Instagram is that little sliver of social media that doesn’t suck… much. There are a few lazy slackjaws out there that post memes, but other than that, it is just pictures. Any way you can follow me at the account below:


Now I need to make sure that my September is almost as great as my August!

9 Emotions Project – Brandon Kahler

Brandon was the latest to tap into his inner silent film star and pose for THE 9 EMOTIONS PROJECT. Here is his collection:

9 Emotions Project - Brandon Kahler
9 Emotions Project – Brandon Kahler

In case you forgot the emotions, here they are again:

Joy - Brandon Kahler

Sadness - Brandon Kahler

Anger  - Brandon Kahler

Amusement - Brandon Kahler

Fear - Brandon Kahler

Jealousy - Brandon Kahler

Surprise - Brandon Kahler

Sympathy - Brandon Kahler

Boredom - Brandon Kahler

So who will be the next to pose for THE 9 EMOTIONS PROJECT? I don’t know. But I have a few ideas.


Now would be a good time to check in on the Selfie Project. I’ve attempted and failed at this project 3 times now. The farthest I’ve ever made it is 116 days. I feel like this just might be the year.

Here are some of my favorites from March:

Selfie Project - March 1
March 1

Selfie Project - March 4
March 4

Selfie Project - March 5
March 5

Selfie Project - March 7
March 7

Selfie Project - March 8
March 8

Selfie Project - March 9
March 9

Selfie Project - March 11
March 11

Selfie Project - March 12
March 12

Selfie Project - March 13
March 13

Selfie Project - March 15
March 15

Selfie Project - March 21
March 21

Selfie Project - March 22
March 22

Selfie Project - March 24
March 24

Selfie Project - March 27
March 27

Selfie Project - March 28
March 28

I do post these daily on Instagram. You can follow me here: @christopherdbennett


Looks like the WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE went on Spring Break. Perhaps SILHOUETTE is too challenging of a theme. I’m not sure, but participation numbers this week are as low as they’ve ever been. Worries me that the WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE might be on the way out. I guess we’ll see what this week brings.

But you don’t want to listen to me talk all tommyrot about participation rates. You want to see this week’s submissions:

Kim Barker

Christopher D. Bennett

Stephanie Kim

Micky Augustin 1

Micky Augustin 2

While they might be small in numbers, the submissions are spirited!

But enough dwelling on the past. Time to look to the future. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future! This week’s theme:


I don’t think I need to define ORANGE. It is a color. Not a primary color. But a color. There are lots of things out that are ORANGE. Even some humans fake tan themselves into a strange, creepy ORANGE hue. Of course there is a fruit that is ORANGE. In fact, there are several fruit that are ORANGE. Or you could even take a picture of anything and slap an ORANGE filter on it. Of course 1 of my favorite movie of all-time involves the word ORANGE. I know more than 1 person out there that that does art with an ORANGE or two. I can’t envision a picture where my inbox is just packed to the gills with ORANGE pictures.

Happy photo hunting!



1. The picture has to be taken the week of the theme. This isn’t a curate your pictures challenge. This is a get your butt off the couch (my personal experience) and put your camera in your hands challenge. Don’t send me a picture of you next to the Eiffel Tower, when I know you were in Iowa all week. I will point out that I have let that slide some in the past. I will not in the future. Since it is literally about the only rule.

2. Your submission needs to be emailed to by 11 AM on the Monday of the challenge. It should be pointed out that this blog auto-publishes at 12:01 on Mondays. So it wouldn’t hurt to get your picture in earlier.

That is it, them’s the rules.


Nothing new to report. I’ll try to do better next week.

Want your own Photography 139 email subscription? Call, email, or text me and I’ll get you the hook up.

That’s all I got for today, so if the good Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we will commune right here again next Monday. Hopefully it will be a very orangish Monday!