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A Photo Journal – Henry Carroll – Page 52

It is your weekly reminder that this week’s WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE theme is COMPETITION.

A great theme! One of the best ever! But what is a COMPETITION photo? It is a picture that shows any kind of COMPETITION. COMPETITION can be between teams or individuals or with the self. A COMPETITION photo could show the results of a COMPETITION. Interpret the theme any way you see fit!


Happy photo harvesting!


A few weeks back, Ernie was in town visiting Teresa. I felt he would be a good subject for Page 52 of THE PHOTO JOURNAL PROJECT:

Photo Journal - Page 52
Page 52 – Capture someone’s subconscious.

The idea of this picture was thus:

“By giving your subject something to do they become less aware of the act of being photographed.”

Ernie is playing solitaire. I setup my camera on a tripod and triggered the camera with my phone, while I was pretending to look for something on my storage shelves. Hopefully Ernie didn’t realize I was taking the pictures. I told him the purpose of the project after the photo shoot. When I told him we were done, he did seem a bit surprised.

My one regret is that I didn’t give him a toothpick. It looks like he could have used a toothpick to chew on.

Here are a couple of other photos from the photo shoot:

Page 52 - Reject

Page 52 - Reject

I’m not sure what page we will hit up the next time that we hit up THE PHOTO JOURNAL PROJECT. I have about 4 or 5 of these done and ready to roll. I mean they aren’t edited yet, but I’ve taken the pictures.

I’m trying to include as many different people as possible in this project. If you’re looking to volunteer, you know where to find me. Right now, I could use a person that does yoga.


Incidentally, part of the reason that Ernie was back was to help get Teresa’s house on the market. Click on the link below to see’s Teresa’s real estate listing:


Logan took the photos for the real estate listing.


Now would be a good time to check in on the Selfie Project. I’ve attempted and failed at this project 3 times now. The farthest I’ve ever made it is 116 days. I feel like this just might be the year.

Here are some of my favorites from March:

Selfie Project - March 1
March 1

Selfie Project - March 4
March 4

Selfie Project - March 5
March 5

Selfie Project - March 7
March 7

Selfie Project - March 8
March 8

Selfie Project - March 9
March 9

Selfie Project - March 11
March 11

Selfie Project - March 12
March 12

Selfie Project - March 13
March 13

Selfie Project - March 15
March 15

Selfie Project - March 21
March 21

Selfie Project - March 22
March 22

Selfie Project - March 24
March 24

Selfie Project - March 27
March 27

Selfie Project - March 28
March 28

I do post these daily on Instagram. You can follow me here: @christopherdbennett

Selfie Project of 2017

So I tried and failed at a Selfie Project in 2016. I’m trying again in 2017. Last year I took the pictures with Blue Boy. Who you may remember is my Canon point & shoot.

This year I’m going to take the pictures with the front facing camera on my Google Pixel. I feel this will enhance the chance of this project working because I always have my phone on my person. That way I don’t have to constantly remember another camera. Therefore I’m taking these pictures with the worst camera I own. Unless you count my pinhole camera and if you were thinking, “Yeah, but what about your pinhole camera?” I say to you, “I’m impressed that you remember that I own a pinhole camera! Well done!”

That being said, the Google Pixel camera is easily the best phone camera I’ve ever owned. Partially because it is made my Sony (shout out to Sony!) and partially because of a myriad of features that are included with the camera. I will one day soon publish a review of the camera, and you’ll know what I mean.

Another thing I should point out is that the rear facing camera on a phone is always way better than the front facing camera. But I’m using the front facing camera for ease of use. Even though it tops out about 4 megapixels. But I don’t have time to teach you about the megapixel lie. That is a subject for another time.

And this time, is the time to share the first ten pictures from the Selfie Project (circa 2017):

Selfie Project - December 31, 2016
Day 0

Selfie Project - January 1
Day 1

Selfie Project - January 2
Day 2

Selfie Project - January 3
Day 3

Selfie Project - January 4
Day 4

Selfie Project - January 5
Day 5

Selfie Project - January 6
Day 6

Selfie Project - January 7
Day 7

Selfie Project - January 8
Day 8

Selfie Project - January 9
Day 9

Part of the purpose of this project is to document my magnificent beard growth. I recently joined the Dollar Beard Club, like beard connoisseur Andrew Bardole. I’ve been enjoying their wonderful beard shampoo, beard oil, and beard cream. It makes me smell like a lumberjack that just got out of a hot spring bath in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. So… pretty amazing.

Although I’ll probably check in on this project from time to time on the blog known as An Artist’s Notebook (that is this blog silly), I don’t know that it will be a regular occurrence. However, these photos will be published on Instagram on the daily. Not only can you check out the progress of the scruff, you can check out Selfie Project Superfan Elizabeth’s daily critique of my smile. So everybody wins!

If you’ve forgotten, my Instagram handle is @christopherdbennett

Be warned, if you hang with me now and again, you might get thrown into the Selfie Project Mix. I’m hoping to even get my picture taken with noted Selfie queens like Alisa and Alexis and Elainie. Fingers crossed and you’ve been warned!


Here are a few pictures I like that come from New Toy, but don’t fit into any particular narrative.

Went to Hilton Madness with Willy and Derrick.

Fizer and Frese mixing it up with the young pups.

Youth Room

Mike, John, and Tim at the Event Formerly Known as the Methodist Men Steak Fry.

A packed house.

View staring out my living room window.

Teresa’s paint.

Ernie painting.

The New Toy has come in handy now and again. I think it is a keeper.

Kentucky the Vth

This is the final collection of images from my Kentucky vacation with Teresa and Logan to visit Ernie.

A critic could point out that a collection this small could have easily been incorporated into the other 4 collections of pictures, but there is a reason why nobody builds statues of critics.

The next bit of randomness could go in several directions. I mean several.

Personal Photo Project No. 193

Personal Photo Project #193 - Opry

This week’s Personal Photo Project was to get a decent picture of the Grand Ole Opry Stage. This proved to be more difficult than I had expected. The other tourists had their own agendas. But in the end, I did get the picture I wanted.

The rest of the Opry Series:

Personal Photo Project #193 - Opry

Personal Photo Project #193 - Opry

Personal Photo Project #193 - Opry

Personal Photo Project #193 - Opry

Personal Photo Project #193 - Opry

Personal Photo Project #193 - Opry

Personal Photo Project #193 - Opry

Personal Photo Project #193 - Opry

Personal Photo Project #193 - Opry

Next week’s Personal Photo Project will surely involve a flower of some kind. That flower is still to be determined.

Kentucky Vacation Thrice

Sorry this is a few hours late. I’ve had some car issues that have caused be to wobble slightly.

I know how many people are anxiously awaiting to see another collection of my photos from my Kentucky vacation. People stop me on the streets all the time wanting more information about the trip. The good news for them is that there are more pictures coming their way, right about now…

Next week’s Wednesday will include even more Kentuckiness. Including a look at the Dukes of Hazzard Museum!