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Zinnia Sale

A bit from the old backlog. These pictures were taken on July 20.

Zinnia - 2017

Zinnia - 2017

Zinnia - 2017

Zinnia - 2017

Zinnia - 2017

Zinnia - 2017

Grandma's Garage Sale

Grandma's Garage Sale

Grandma's Garage Sale

The zinnias were photographed in my very own Photography 139 Flower Garden.

The garage sale pictures were from my Grandma’s somewhat controversial garage sale. I think that is the spin doctor way to describe the garage sale. I wasn’t involved in an controversy, but there was some.

I did walk out of there with quite the collection of randoms. Some of the stuff might be used to hold drinks for a future birthday party. If I decided to have one. I’m starting to fall back on the side of not having one in 2018. I guess we’ll see.

Methodist Men NOT a Steak Fry – 2016

The 16th was The Event Formerly Known as the Methodist Men Steak Fry. I think it was an overall success. We served 51 smoked pork chops and 2 hot dogs. Our speaker was Jack Owens, the founder (more-or-less) of The Salt Company.

It was good food and good company and a good speaker. We didn’t even go broke doing it! Here are a few pictures I was able to snap (when I wasn’t working like a dog) of the event.

Hopefully, under the leadership of our poor schmuck president, we hand increase our attendance by like 25%.

Time Killer

A few weeks back, while I was waiting for some people get ready for a photo shoot, I took a couple pictures of my Grandma’s rose bush.

Grandma's Rose Bush

This rose bush is one of my favorite plants. A top 5 plant I tell ya!


ISO: 100
DATE: 05/28/2016 – 18:19
LATITUDE: 42.06305°
EDITING SOUNDTRACK: The quiet murmur of world class support.

4 Generations

When Elainie was back for Alexis’ graduation, Carla got Mom and Grandma together for a 4 generations picture. A Majors. A Paris. A Bennett. 2 Stenslands.

4 Generations

With Alexis leaving for the Navy in less than a month and Elainie already in the Navy, organizing pictures like this in the future may come close to impossible. Glad we got this one when we did.


ISO: 160
DATE: 05/28/2016 – 19:29
LATITUDE: 42.06308°
LONGITUDE: -93.93079
PHOTO ASSISTANT: Grandpa’s Horse
EDITING SOUNDTRACK: “Stardust” by Louis Armstrong

Party of Another Kind

While I prefer the kind of party where a bunch of people show up at my house and do a bunch of work to my house, other people prefer parties where cake is served and people have polite conversation. Back in August we had such a party for my Grandma’s 90th birthday.

Here is a photo from that event:

Those of us that could make it to Grandma's 90th Birthday Party
Mom’s Kids

Pictured are all of my Mom’s kids that could make it. Me, Logan, Teresa, Alexis, Carla, and Jason.

I wish I could remember who took this picture so they could get credit, but I can’t…


FOCAL LENGTH: 20mm (30mm – 35mm equivalency)
ISO: 250
DATE: 08/23/15 – 17:31

Ohhh… Uncle Gary

I know quite a few people that would dislike this picture because one of the subjects isn’t giving a nice smile right at the camera.

That is the exact reason why I love this picture.

This picture was taken at my Grandma’s 90th Birthday Party. These are her children.

A lot of the circumstances of this picture weren’t ideal, but you have to make do with what you’re given some days.


FOCAL LENGTH: 20mm (30mm 35mm equivalency)
ISO: 400

Phonetos Vol. 2

The rest of the pictures from my phone from the last couple of months.

Once again, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen most of these already. Carry on!

First time playing BINGO with Jill.

After watching MONTAGE OF HECK, I listened to a ton of Nirvana again.

This is something I found during THE BASEMENT PROJECT and Michelle put it on her door at work. Not sure why.

Tried to get rid of this guy. Nobody wanted him. To the dump he went.

View from the hotel at Nate’s Bachelor Party.

My destiny.

Watching American League “baseball”.

George Brett. A statue. It isn’t really him.

Creepiest sculpture I’ve ever seen. Good work Kansas City.

Dae Hee at Boulevard.

This is what Nate did during 85% of his Bachelor Party. Text Laura.

Hilton South

Power & Light in a storm.

Getting a new used bed.

Gotta remember how they strapped down those chairs.

Grandma at Tara’s wedding.

Miss June.

The Ghetto Home Theater. Functional. Not pretty.

Welcome to Missouri. Where open racism is still condoned.

Pit Stop on the road to Nate & Laura’s wedding.

If you are a customer of US Bank, you can get a free selfie stick. In case you were interested.

Birthday dinner shenanigans.

Brandi tickets.

Yea! Don’t be stupid!

Mutt Cuts!

Probably all I got. For a while.