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A Photo Journal – Henry Carroll – Page 15

Last Saturday while I was leaving the Cultural Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, I came across what I considered a perfect example of Page 15 for THE PHOTO JOURNAL PROJECT.

This time there was no photo assistant, just a rocking soundtrack coming from a speaker somewhere on the Iowa State Fairgrounds. “We built this city. We built this city on rock’n’roll!!!”

Photo Journal - Page 15
Page 15 – Show beauty in the banal.

Only one photo can go in the Photo Journal, but I also liked these:

Photo Journal Reject - Page 15

Photo Journal Reject - Page 15

Photo Journal Reject - Page 15

Photo Journal Reject - Page 15

Photo Journal Reject - Page 15

I’m not sure what page in the THE PHOTO JOURNAL is next for me. The one that seems to be calling me next is Page 10.

Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

Man, I still really haven’t edited all of the State Fair flower pictures. Well, one more down.

Iowa State Fair Flower

Many more to go.


ISO: 320
DATE: 08/16/2016 – 8:16
LATITUDE: 41.59517°
LONGITUDE: -93.55154°
EDITING SOUNDTRACK: “My Shot” – Featuring Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz & Nate Ruess

State Fair Flower

Another flower from the Iowa State Fair Discovery Garden. This time from my trip with the old Campus crew.

Discovery Garden Flower

After taking this picture, I sat down at a picnic table with Steph and Kellie eating some kind of fried potato concoction, when a lady from New Jersey sat down with us.

She started out friendly enough. She told us about her daughter who lived with her. How they were trying to make it to all 48 states by the end of the year. But then the signs of being from New Jersey started to come out.

First, innocently enough. She started telling us about how she used to be a ballerina, but some choreographer from ballet studio x was ruining that ballet because his choreographry was so terrible.

Then she moved on to telling us about how some county fair in New Jersey was better than the Iowa State Fair.

Then she started talking about how New York has the best pizza in the world.

Let’s stop there, because let’s be honest, New York Style pizza is the worst style of pizza in the world. There is a reason it is a buck a slice. That floppy mess is best used to feed rats on the subway.


ISO: 100
DATE: 08-20-2016 – 15:54
LATITUDE: 41.59489°
LONGITUDE: -93.55144°
PHOTO EDITING SOUNDTRACK: “Money” by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

It’s Dollars to Doughnuts!

Here are some general pictures from my recent trips to the Iowa State Fair with Baby Got Rack, Stephanie, Kelly, Yin, Jeff, and the Beavers!

I was going to tell this story about the New Jersey woman I met that was just the worst. Like all people from New Jersey. But at this time I think it is just enough to point out that people from New Jersey are the worst.

If I get motivated, I might leave the story in the COMMENTS section of this here post later.

So without further adieu…

It was a successful Iowa State Fair. Next year, I might unretire and enter the Photo Contest again. Of course, I said that about Pufferbilly Days as well and decided that it just wasn’t for me this year.

State Champs!

As some may have heard from various social media outlets or via press release, Baby Got Rack competed at the Iowa State Fair barbecue contest in the Combination category last Tuesday and brought home the championship.

Word on the street is that we were very close to winning the Grand Championship, but fell just short because we didn’t have our own barbecue sauce. An oversight that has been remedied. 4X over.

Here are a few photos from the day.

We were set up and ready to rock by 5 AM.

This corn dog stand can take a long walk off a short pier.

Marcus holding down the smoker.

Chicken and pork loin on!

IPTV setup a timelapse camera in our booth, but didn’t use the footage in their show.

Meat check.

Meat resting.

This guy’s shirt. Came to the right place.

60 total barbecue combatants.

Never hurts to work the Staties.

Getting the pizza ready.

The Marriage Saver

Scott and the judges.

Cynthia Fodor spent quite a bit of time hanging around our booth.

Media Obligations

More Media Obligations

Even More Media Obligations. This interview was on IPTV.

The Grand Champion Judges

Scott receiving his award. If we would’ve won Grand Champion, he would’ve gotten that crown.

I also took some pictures of the preparations, but we don’t want any of the trade secrets going public.

If you’re sad you missed Baby Got Rack’s most recent competition, we will be competing again during the Pufferbilly Days barbecue contest. We will be looking to defend our People’s Choice Award. We have a few tricks up our sleeve for this one. An ace in the hole from a marketing standpoint. Almost as good as our trademark fedoras.

Some come up and try our free samples on Sunday, September 11. Downtown Boone. Follow the smell of smoky and goodness. Vote for Baby Got Rack! The one vote you can cast this fall that you won’t regret later.