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RWE #43 – Smoke Photography

Not so many submissions this week for last week’s theme SMOKE PHOTOGRAPHY. I guess not as many people love fire as I thought loved fire.

Mike Vest

Dawn Krause

Christopher D. Bennett

Dawn’s Poetry Submission:


It’s all just smoke and mirrors
The way you disguise your fears
What you keep hidden from yourself
Keeps love unattainable atop a shelf

Your mind recalls it’s photograph
Of every time you made her laugh
Can you see clearly through your daze
While hiding behind that blackened haze

She caught you peeking in her soul
Wondering if she could make you whole
Instead of fanning that smoldering flame
You choose to hide in billowy shame

Take the chance and build a fire
Make it known your secret desire
She has faith in what you do
Clear the smoke and believe it too

Not many themes left. I fired up the Random Theme Generator. It spit out some smoke. Then it gave a great theme for this week:


This is a theme that should bring out quite a few participants. After all, almost everybody has hands. Everybody knows somebody that has hands. Plus hands do so many wonderful and interesting things.

RWPE #42 – Shadows

I think that at the aggregate level, this is the best batch of submissions to date. Here are the submissions for SHADOWS:

Shannon Bardole

Christopher D. Bennett

Becky Perkovich

Carla Stensland A

Carla Stensland B

Dawn Krause

Michael Vest

Julie Johnson

Dawn’s Poetry Submission


Something lurks beneath the bright
It shies away from the light
Peripheral image that can’t be seen
What can that phantom visual mean?

Sense the dark as it closes in
Suffocates like a hidden sin
Run to a meadow open and free
Take a moment to breathe and see

The sun was shining just last week
Now the sky seems cold and bleak
Oh won’t the sun come out and play
Chase the shadows and gloom awa

I’ve walked the rocky trail that leads to the cottage that houses the Random Theme Generator. I gave it a cookie and it spit out the theme for this week:


A compelling and interesting theme. I look forward to seeing the submissions and seeing what creative ways people waft with this theme.

RWPE #41 – Dry

Here are this week’s submissions for DRY:

Christopher D. Bennett

Mike Vest

Shannon Bardole

Dawn Krause

Dawn’s poetry submission:


The wind blows through the Sahara of my mind
I’m reaching out but now your love’s gone blind
It took so long to reach my heart’s turning point
Now it lies in your hands not to disappoint

My garden is ready now to grow and bloom
The weeds have died and my heart has made room
Please don’t say your love is withered and dry
Let’s tend our flowers and let our love grow high

So I’ve been to the treehouse where the Random Theme Generator or RTG as his friends call him where he spends his sabbaticals. I put a coin in the slot. Pulled the handle. RTG spit out the following excellent theme for this week:


I’m very excited for this theme. I think there should be many good exceptions. After all, everybody has a shadow.

RWPE #40 – Odd Camera Angle

Last week’s theme ODD CAMERA ANGLE worked up the creative juices of more people than I was expecting. That makes me even more pumped for next week!

Shannon Bardole

Mike Vest

Julie Johnson

Dawn Krause

Christopher D. Bennett

Dawn’s poetry submission:

Odd Angle

You may say that I’m a cynic
that I should visit a clinic
or maybe that I judge too much
but sadly life has made it such

Maybe I’m a little jaded
Personality has faded
But it’s what’s hidden deep inside
that I can’t continue to hide

Perhaps I’m more aware these days
overly cautious with my ways
To watch a world falling apart
It’s time now for a brand new start

Only 12 weeks left in this humble experiment. Only 12 Themes left. It is probably time to consider whether or not this little project will return for another 52 weeks. Leave your feedback on this quandary in the comments section of this entry.

If you are pro RWPE Year 2, feel free to also leave suggestions for possible Themes for next year.

I’ve been out to the woods where the log cabin that protects the Random Theme Generator is protected from the elements. I adjusted its solar panels. It caught a glimpse of the sunlight, powered on and spit out the following theme for this week:


An interesting theme. I hope this is a theme that continues to fire the imaginations of those that entered in the past and those that wish to enter for the first time in the future.

RWPE #39 – Fast

I’m very excited to have Jason Baier as a first time contributor this week! Here are the submissions for FAST:

Dawn Krause

Jason Baier

Christopher D. Bennett

Mike Vest

Dawn’s Poetry Submission


Time seemed slow
as the years flew past
Now I struggle
to make memories last

For all I’ve fought
and little I’ve won
My heart still seeks
a golden sun

Someday soon
it will all work out
In my heart
there’s little doubt

Embracing time
as it flies by
Not taking time
to sit and cry

I welcome time
to heal our hearts
And set us off
to better starts

Quickly now
time can speed
To bring us closure
we all need

I’ve been transported through time and space to the secret location of the Random Theme Generator. It was fired up and it spit out a unique theme for this week:


Some of you may be scratching your head and are wondering how this is different from the theme of VIEWPOINT from a few weeks ago. The VIEWPOINT theme challenged you to see the world from a different perspective. The perspective of a mouse or a bird. This theme is asking you to photograph something from a camera angle that you wouldn’t normally photograph an object.

I have faith that a few of you will show the world an object from a surprising and perhaps startling perspective. I look forward to the submissions and I hope that Jason Baier finds contributing to be addictive.

RWPE #38 – Face

Looks like Shannon and Angie did find RWPE addictive. They submitted again for last week’s theme FACE. However, submissions were kind of light this week. Perhaps not as many people know people with faces as I would have suspected.

Here are the submissions for FACE:

Mike Vest

Angie DeWaard

Christopher D. Bennett

Shannon Bardole

I’ve been up to the 5th floor penthouse that houses the Random Generator. It was fired up and spit out a good topic for this week:


There are several ways to interpret this theme, so I will be excited to see the submissions!

RWPE #37 – Hope

I’m very excited to announce that there were 3 brand new first time contributors. Shannon Bardole, Angie Dewaard and Geri Derner all contributed photos for the first time ever. Hopefully they will find it addictive and become regular contributors.

Here are this week’s submissions for HOPE:

Mike Vest

Geri Derner A

Geri Derner B

Dawn Krause

Shannon Bardole

Angie DeWaard

Christopher D. Bennett

Looks like Dawn has gotten back on the writing horse! Here is her poetry contribution:

Walls Against Hope

Hope is a diabolical trade
it sets the heart and soul to be played
a chance for broken dreams to be filled
compromising the soul to be killed

If I told you how I felt today
would you take those thoughts and run away
or would you stay to comfort my heart
and give me reason to trust our start

The music sounds different to my soul
there’s part of you that makes me whole
If my heart trusts to reveal that thought
would the fulfillment be all I’ve sought

Walls against hope are in our nature
keep us from rising up in stature
Secret desires, wishes to fill
to let them out is a bitter pill

I’ve been down to the cave where the Random Theme Generator is housed. I answered its riddle and it gave me the theme for this week:


This is another great and easy theme. After all, everybody has a face or at least they know somebody that has a face. I hope to see many contributions next week. Hopefully some new faces as well. (Terrible pun intended.)

RWPE #36 – Light Placement

There were many more contributors this week. Looks like RWPE is back on track. Here are this week’s submissions for LIGHT PLACEMENT:

Dawn Krause B of Impassioned Versifier

Julie Johnson of The Joy is in the Journey

Mike Vest of Waxen Media

Christopher D. Bennett

Becky Perkovich

Dawn Krause A of The Randomness in My Mind

We’ve been down to the basement that holds the Random Generator. After a few jerks on its ripcord it sputtered and then fired up and then settled down to a nice hum. After thinking for a small bit of time, it spit out the following theme for this week:


That is a good broad theme and one that all Cyclone fans will need this week. Oh no! I’ve given up too much information on my idea. I would think that anybody with a camera or camera phone would be able to contribute something to a theme this broad and open to interpretation. Anybody that doesn’t contribute… I’m just going to have to assume that their life is devoid of hope.

RWPE #35 – Viewpoint

Perhaps the Random Weekly Photo Experiment has begun to run its course. There were zero submissions this week. I guess it will just have to soldier on for the last 17 weeks. Here is the lone picture for VIEWPOINT.

Christopher D. Bennett

The Random Generator has generated the theme for this week. I put it before you:


There is light in every picture, but for this theme, you want to be very conscious of where the light is coming from to light your subject. Whether it is to the side of your subject. Below your subject. Above your subject. The placement of the light should effect what the picture looks like. Good luck. Hopefully there will be some submissions next week.

A late submission from Mike Vest: