Friday Night Jazz Club

The following transpired on March 27.

Shannon and I went to see the Blue Note Records 70th Anniversary Tour at Stephens Auditorium. The show consisted of an all-star lineup of current Blue Note musicians playing the songs of some of their greatest composers.

One of the performers in the Blue Note 7 was Ravi Coltrane. I was particularly excited to see him play because I will never get a chance to see his father, John Coltrane, play. John Coltrane is definitely one of my all-time favorite musicians and this was the closest I will ever get to seeing him perform.

The rest of the 7 was extremely impressive as well:

Peter Bernstein
Bill Charlap
Lewis Nash
Nicholas Payton
Peter Washington
Steve Wilson

But even though some of them are more accomplished musicians than Ravi Coltrane, he was still the thing that most excited me about the concert.

Before the show we went to Wallaby’s to complete our survey of area restaurant bloomin’ onions. Okay, we were really only comparing the bloomin’ onion of Wallaby’s to the bloomin’ onion of the Outback Steakhouse, but the verdict is as follows:

Sauce – Wallaby’s easily has the superior sauce.
Onion – Outback’s breading has a little bit more flavor.

The concert lived up to expectations. Earlier in the year I had seen the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra with Teresa. The Blue Note 7 were easily superior.

There are only two things a guy could complain about:

1. When introducing a piece composed by Wayne Shorter, Coltrane paused for applause, there was next to none. I’m not going to pretend that I would know who Wayne Shorter was if he didn’t play with Miles Davis, but I don’t know how you don’t know the name of the saxophonist who played on Prince of Darkness, Nefertiti, In a Silent Way and Bitches Brew. He was handpicked by John Coltrane to replace him John Coltrane left Miles to pursue his own group. Yet, there it was, silence. My heart broke a little bit. But everybody knew Herbie Hancock. Who also played with Wayne Shorter in Miles’ quintet of the mid-60s.

2. They only played for 90 minutes. Actually after the show, Shannon pointed out that they started late, so they actually played for less than 90 minutes. They were so good that it only felt like they had played for half an hour.

After the show we stopped at Hy-Vee. I believe my immediate need was for some Pledge, but while I was there I looked for Toast ‘Ems.

My grocery buying skills over the last few years have admittedly atrophied, but I was most disappointed when on a recent trip to the Hy-Vee in Boone, I could not find any Toast ‘Ems. Normally this wouldn’t upset me, but after a conversation with my dietitian, Sara, I have started eating breakfast.

I had always heard the breakfast hype about how breakfast was “the most important meal of the day”. I have proven for years that it can’t be that important. I never eat it. But Sara showed me that it was important to eat something within the first hour of waking up because it starts your metabolism for the day.

I don’t know if that is true, but I’m treating it like Gospel truth because she will be able to write prescriptions in another year.

Since, I can barely get out of bed in time to take a shower before heading to work, I need a breakfast that is fast and easy. It better be tasty as well. I’m not cutting my shower short for grapefruit juice.

The perfect answer is Toast ‘Ems. Some (uneducated in the world of the breakfast pastry) consider them to be the ghetto version of Pop Tarts. While it is true that they are decidedly cheaper than Pop Tarts, they are also decidedly more delicious.

We walked down the breakfast pastry aisle, but there were not any Toast ‘Ems. Well, that isn’t exactly true. There was one box of Cherry Toast ‘Ems left.

I picked up the lone box of Toast ‘Ems and headed for the checkout line. I was in a fairly depressive stupor, heavy in thought with the concern that Toast ‘Ems were going out of business.

When the checker scanned what could very well be my last box of Toast ‘Ems ever I was thinking about all the formerly happy families of former Toast ‘Em families. Shannon noticed that they were selling Toast ‘Ems 3 for $2.

She pointed that out to me and said, “That has to make it worse.”

That’s right twist the knife.

I took a few pictures of my potential last Toast ‘Ems.

Toast 'Em
The black represents a world with out Toast ‘Ems. In case you need everything spelled out for you.

Toast 'Em
Breakfast Pastry Goodness.

I did check the Toast ‘Em website hoping for encouraging news, but it wasn’t to be. There website clearly hasn’t been updated, since 1997. It looks like an 8 bit Nintendo game.

It even includes an animated .gif. I know hard to believe. But I couldn’t resist lifting it to post here.

I’m saving up my vacation time to visit Toast ’em Wonderland.

Anybody care to join me?

Junck Family Farm Adventure

Last Wednesday night after I celebrated the arrival of spring, I went to with Sara to her parent’s house to take a ride in their new electric car. The thing about their electric car is that it isn’t some boring new electric car like the Volt. This electric car is from 1925.

Besides its age, another interesting aspect of the electric car is that all of the seats face each other. That includes the driver’s seat.

There is no steering wheel. There is a tiller that controls the speed and direction of the car.

04-07-09 - Electric Car

04-07-09 - Electric Car
Mr. Junck

04-07-09 - Electric Car
Mrs. Junck

04-07-09 - Electric Car

04-07-09 - Electric Car
The Electric Car

04-07-09 - Electric Car
1955 International Harvester Truck

04-07-09 - Electric Car
Cruising Ogden in style.

04-07-09 - Electric Car
I’m not really sure what this thing was, but we cruised it around the farm a few times.

04-07-09 - Electric Car

Sara really wants a matching pink truck to go with her dad’s blue truck. Although he has yet to consent to this idea, Sara isn’t afraid to point out that she will be deciding what nursing home he will end up in.

Maybe she will get that truck when he becomes a bit more aged and more susceptible to blackmail.

A Sign I Want

I went to the ISU Surplus Sale on Wednesday with Vest, Frank and Jesse. When we walked in the door I saw a song that I badly wanted.


Unfortunately the sign was not for sale and the machine it was attached to was $3000. A bit more than I’m willing to spend for a cool sign.

Another One for the Awards Wall

On March 19, I got a simple 3 word text message from Shannon in Florida:

“I got it.”

The “it” that she “got” was a Horiuchi Memorial Award for being an outstanding State Program Manager for the Iowa Jaycees.


Contributed Photo AKA I wasn’t in Florida

Although admittedly Shannon wasn’t the only member of the Ames Jaycees to come back with some serious hardware.

In fact if a person was to get together with 3 or so of their buddies and put together a press release on what transpired at the United States Junior Chamber 2008 year-end convention, it would include stuff like this:

Ames Jaycees named No. 1 chapter in the nation

The Ames Junior Chamber (Jaycees) came home with several First Place awards from the United States Junior Chamber’s 2008 year-end convention in Crystal River, Florida, March 19-21.

The Ames Jaycees were recognized as the No. 1 chapter in the nation in the Parade of Chapters, a means of tracking points for chapter programming. The Ames Jaycees were also recognized as being No. 1 in its population division and No. 2 in the nation for the chapter’s Annual Report, a year-end report that summarizes all aspects of the chapter including Membership, Individual Development, Community Development, Business Development and International Development.

The Ames Jaycees were one of five Iowa chapters that received a prestigious Silver Chip, awarded to a chapter for four consecutive years of completing the Blue Chip Program, a program that recognizes membership growth and well-rounded programming.

“I’m so proud of the Ames Jaycees. In 2008, we ran a lot of great projects and had a positive impact on our community,” said 2008 chapter president Peggy Nitchals. “The chapter has had consistent dedication by so many members — that’s what made us No. 1 in nation in 2008.”

In addition to chapter awards, two Ames Jaycees were honored for their work on the Iowa Jaycees level.

Member Shannon Bardole received a Horiuchi Memorial Award for serving the Iowa Jaycees as an Outstanding State Program Manager. Member Joey Benson received a Trafton Memorial Award for serving the Iowa Jaycees as an Outstanding Appointed State Board Member.

The Iowa Jaycees had a great year on the national level. Eight of the top 10 chapters in the Parade of Chapters were from the Iowa Jaycees. The Iowa Jaycees were recognized as No. 1 in the nation in the Parade of States and were No. 1 in their population division for the state’s Annual Report. The Iowa Jaycees were also recognized as the top “Support Our Troops” fundraising state.

The Jaycees provide leadership development opportunities through business and service projects. These effective personal and professional skills allow members to excel within their communities. The mission of the Ames Jaycees is to attract and unite a group of young, active, civic-minded professionals who have a clear vision of Ames’s future as a great place to live, work and play. The chapter hosts events targeting a wide range of interests including leadership, career advancement, community involvement, professional and personal development, networking and volunteerism.

For more information about the Ames Junior Chamber visit

Some things that weren’t included in the press release are:

  • At the current rate of award accumulation, Shannon will run out of wall and ceiling space sometime in the spring of 2010.
  • Shannon was the only award recipient that was cool enough to wear sunglasses on stage to accept her award.

Taiwan Times – February 2009 Issue

Mark’s February newsletter.

The Taiwan Times

By Mark Wolfram
Reporting on God’s mission in Taiwan
February 2009
Christian Support

Here at Concordia Middle School, I teach Bible class for 7th and 8th graders, and like any classroom it has both rewarding and challenging aspects. On one hand, it is a joy to have the opportunity to share the Gospel with the students. Many of these students are not Christians so the primary part of my ministry is to help them to hear and understand the Bible. As an American teacher, I use English. This opportunity is important, but can also be frustrating when the students are skeptical or not open to the message, or are unable to understand because of their low English ability.

The in-class environment can also be intimidating for students to show interest or ask questions. There are several reasons for this. First, of all they are in high school, so peer pressure and perception are ever-present. This can influence a students’ willingness to participate and show interest at the risk of being un-cool or standing out in the class.
Second, because many students are non-Christians it can be difficult to be open about sharing beliefs or ideas. They are probably insecure about sharing their beliefs, and as much as I reassure them as their teacher, peer influence is extremely powerful. Third, the students are communicating in a second or third language, making some of them afraid to use English.
This is the context for many Bible classes here in CMS. As a teacher I often get caught up in reaching out to the students who do not yet believe, that I forgot about the pressure and challenges that those with faith have as students in Bible class. In an 8th grade class this month, I was reminded that it is important to continue to support and uplift the Christian students in my classes.

I recently had a lesson with my 8th graders (Junior 2), about Jesus calling the first disciples. In the lesson we read about how Simon, Andrew, James, and John left everything to follow Jesus. The main point was that it can be difficult to follow Jesus at times. Christians are sometimes laughed at or put-down because of their beliefs, but Jesus is always with us and loves us. He is the most important thing.

At the beginning of the lesson, there was an activity where the students wrote down 10 things that are important to them. After they wrote these things, I then told the class that I would be taking some of them away and that those items would be gone forever. So I first told them to cross 3 things off of their list…and then two more…and then two more…and then one…and then one…until they only had one thing left on their list. What was the most important thing to them?
The kids moaned and agonized over their choices, as they eliminated genuinely important items from their list. In the end, some of the final answers included a parent, friends, love, and freedom. I teach two classes of 8th graders, about 40 kids in total. In my two classes there was only one student who had Jesus as his answer.

When I thought about this I had two immediate thoughts. First, there are still many students who need to continue to hear about God’s love in Jesus. But second, that student had a lot of faith and courage to write Jesus’ name as the most important thing in his life. Amongst the pressure of being a high school student and being judged by his peers, he wrote the one name that brings salvation.

I was really touched by his courage, and made a point to talk to him as he was leaving class. I told him that I was really happy to see he wrote Jesus as his most important thing. He smiled and acknowledged my comment, but quickly made his way out the door. I am sure he did not want to make a big scene out of it.

I was reminded of the importance of supporting and uplifting the fellow Christians here in Taiwan. It can be hard to go against the grain and stand up for Jesus, and they need encouragement from those of us who are also part of the family of God. I hope my 8th grader felt encouraged about his answer after class.

News for next year!

After much prayer and consideration, I have decided to return to Taiwan for another year of service. I am still passionate about the ministry to the students here at CMS and to the people who live in Chia Yi and the surrounding area. I would like to thank you for your support and prayers.

As a result, I will have to continue fundraising, and I will write more about that in a future newsletter. Please hold off on sending funds to support me. I want to make sure I have the proper information and be able to give you a clear idea of how the process will go this time around. I hope to be able to give you more information in my next newsletter in March.

It’s Prayer Time!

1. Praise God for leading me in a decision about next year. Please ask that He would continue to guide and bless my relationships with students, co-workers and all other people I meet here in Taiwan.
2. Pray for Pastor Alex as he prepares to come and be our pastor in one month. Also pray for Doug Larson, and his sons Jacob and Caleb, as they prepare to come in April on a short term mission trip to do music ministry here in Chia-Yi.

God’s blessings to you all!

Happy Birthday

It would be best for all of us if you read this like I posted it on March 15.

Happy Birthday Carla!


Sadly, it is something like 50 years since this picture was taken and Carla still steadfastly holds to the mantra put forth by her t-shirt.

Also. Sadly. My family photo album is little more than under construction. I don’t have more picture of Carla for you to view.

Happy Birthday Monica!


Saturday the 14th

I have one loyal subscriber that incessantly complains whenever I post too many posts without pictures. He often sends me an email that in essence “boos” me.

I usually tell him that he is a big boy now and that he needs to use his words. But I’m quite certain that even he will be happy that this entry does not include any imagery, except whatever your imagination puts into your mind.

This story transpired on Saturday, March 14, 2009. The day after FNSC was victimized by the hype surrounding Black Market Pizza.

I am not saying that Black Market Pizza is to blame for my Saturday, but there was a series of low grade slasher movies that were popular in my youth that centered around Friday the 13th. Invariably, the person that survived the brutal onslaught of Jason Voorhees would wake up on Saturday the 14th thinking that the worst was behind them. They had survived the night. Then Jason or his mom or Tommy Jarvis would jump out of the lake and the nightmare would continue.

I woke up on Saturday the 14th feeling like the horror of Black Market Pizza was behind me. I had big plans for the day. Big plans! I didn’t know that something was still stalking me. Waiting to pounce and ruin my weekend.

Jason was picking me up at 7:30 in the morning so we could head to Best Buy to buy a dishwasher. Afterward, I was going over to my Aunt Lori’s to do my taxes. Then I was meeting Baier at King Buffet for lunch to celebrate the anniversary of his birth. Then I was heading to Rieman Music to see the remodeling work Derrick had done on the store. Then I was hoping to get the dishwasher installed. Then spend the afternoon watching the Cyclone women advance to the Big 12 title game. Then I was going to rest and relax for a bit. Then I was going to go to Shenanigans (yes, regrettably, I was planning on going to a Boone bar) for the birthday party of a friend from high school. The bonus of this party was that Willy was going to be there and he was allegedly going to be in full Dance Machine mode. I have never seen Willy dance, but I have garnered sworn testimony from his friend Kristy over the phone that he does indeed dance. But in the back of my mind, I still believe that he only talks about dancing. I was going to make a brief appearance at this party and then meet Shannon at DG’s to see Otter play. I’m not at liberty to say, but Otter just might be one of the bands that is playing Ames on the Half Shell this summer. I repeat, it was going to be a full day.

It started out well. Jason picked me up and we headed over to Best Buy. I had talked to Scottie D. on Thursday night, when he did expert work running cable to my office and living room, about coming over on Saturday to buy a dishwasher.

I had done some dishwasher research and new that I wanted both a stainless steel outside and a stainless steel inside. The outside is to match the rest of my appliances. The inside is because allegedly polymer tubs wear out rather quickly.

I swear that Scott said to meet him at Best Buy at 8.

At 8:05, we arrived in the Best Buy parking lot. We were greeted by a sign telling us that Best Buy didn’t open until 9. Since we had an hour to kill, I suggested we get some breakfast. I had heard great things about a little breakfast joint in Campustown called Angie’s Kitchen.

We killed an hour there with their food that can be best described as perfectly adequate.

We returned to Best Buy where Scott and I went over all of their dishwashers in stock. As it turned out, they had one dishwasher in stock, but it happened to be the dishwasher that I wanted.

Today was my lucky day.

We loaded the dishwasher up into the back of Carla’s van and headed to Lowe’s to pick up a few plumbing supplies.

When we got back to Boone we unloaded the dishwasher and Jason went to work on installing it. I went over to Lori’s to do my taxes.

It turns out I will be getting a healthy return back. Enough to pay off my electrician, buy a new fridge and perhaps even buy a new camera. One of the great tragedies of 2008 is the fact that I did not buy a new camera all year. I know, brings a tear to the eye.

Today was my lucky day.

I returned home to pick up some stuff I might have needed for the trip to Ames. Jason had already finished installing the dishwasher.

I met Baier at King Buffet. Inexplicably, King Buffet is his favorite restaurant. The food was perfectly adequate and we had a splendid conversation about many of the days hot topic issues.

At the conclusion of our meal I bid Baier a fond aideu and then headed downtown to Rieman Music. Derrick and his minions have done an impressive job of remodeling the store. He has made coves for individual types of products. Plus he painted the place and took down the old town and country border that used to spoil the place. It is very nice, but don’t take my word for it. Head on down and check it out. Buy a trombone or two.

I left Rieman Music and headed for my couch. I didn’t want to miss a moment of the Cyclone women playing the Baylor Bears.

As I sat on my couch I started to feel sick. Although the women were not playing well and would ultimately lose, this was not the type of sickness I feel when I watch the Greg McDermott men play. With the obvious exception of when they played UNI. I felt pretty darn good that night.

After the game concluded, I felt worse. Eventually I got to feeling so bad that I didn’t even want to move from the couch. I sat there watching whatever was on the History Channel.

I had the sensation that I wanted to vomit, but I couldn’t. I checked the time and I sadly realized that I wasn’t going to be leaving this couch on this night. I texted Shannon to let her know that I was shafting out. She texted me back to relay hopes that I feel better at some point in the future.

I put the phone down and laid my head back down on the pillows. At 9:37, I got a text message. Admittedly, I did not know it was 9:37. I thought it was well after 10. I struggled to get up and read my text message.

My expectations were that the text was from Willy saying that he was “setting the dance floor on fire” and wondering if I was making an appearance. The other possibility was that the message was from Shannon letting me know how much fun I was missing.

But the message was from neither. It was from Monica Henning:

Jeff proposed to me tonight on our trip. I said YES. (Then she included an emoticon, but even when I am quoting somebody I can’t bring myself to use an emoticon. But use your imagination. It was a happy emoticon. It probably involved a colon.)

That was a pretty cool development, but I was in so much pain I couldn’t even think straight. I decided to send the congratulations on the morrow. I frequently use the phrase “on the morrow” when I am sick.

I laid my head back down and continued to inbibe what the History Channel was dishing out. What seemed like hours passed. Then something magical happened.

I had spent my free time on Saturday organizing 3 tubs. 1 tub for audio visual cables. 1 tub for computer cables. 1 tub for phone stuff.

The magic happened 4 times into the phone stuff tub. I instantly felt, not so bad. I picked up my cell phone to check the time: 1:45. Too late to drive to Ames or go to Shenanigans. I laid my head back down on the pillow. I was asleep almost instantly. I didn’t wake up for 12 hours.

I talked to Jason the next day. He had also been sick. We both agreed that we wouldn’t be going back to Angie’s Kitchen. I decided that next time I needed to get breakfast in Ames, I would stick with The Grove Cafe.

But I don’t want the tale of Monica’s engagement to be just a footnote to a tale of vomiting on a caller id box. It is pretty exciting that Monica is tying the knot. I heard a poem once and although I definitely didn’t write it, it is what I hope Jeff feels in 50 years.

Anniversary: One Fine Day
by Walter McDonald

Who would sit through a plot as preposterous as ours,
married after years apart? Chance meetings may work
early in stories, but at operas, darling, in Texas?
A bachelor pilot, I fled Laredo for the weekend,
stopping at the opera from boredom, music I least expected.
Of all the zoos and honky-tonks south of Dallas,
who would believe I would find you there on the stairs,

Madame Butterfly about to start? When you moved
four years before, I lost all hope of dying happy,
dogfighting my way through pilot training, reckless,
in terror only when I saw the man beside you.
I had pictured him rich and splendid in my mind
a thousand times, thinking you married with babies
somewhere in Tahiti, Spain, the south of France.

When I saw the lucky devil I hated—only your date,
but I didn’t know—he stopped gloating, watching you wave,
turned old and bitter like the crone in Shangri La.
Destiny happens only in plays and cheap movies—
but here, here on my desk is your photo, decades later,
and I hear sounds from another room of our house,
and when I rise amazed and follow, you are there.

Black Plague Pizza

In my quest to catch up, I’m going to just copy and paste an email about a recent experience I had a new local pizzeria. So if you were the one who received this email, you might want to skip reading this and go back to your normal job duties.

This experience took place on Friday the 13th. Apparently not just a bad day for Templar Knights.

Earlier in the week, Jay brought up wanting to try this new pizza joint in Ames. I had heard the story of how it opened because it was on CNN. I had heard two reviews of the place. One from Jon who loved it. One from Corey who hated it. Corey’s main hatred was generated from the fact that they claimed to serve the pizza with “sauce” on top of the pizza. In actuality the sauce was diced tomatoes. I told this to Jay because he does not like tomatoes as a warning.

Originally we started with 3 people. During the day I sent an invite out to Jen and Derrick to see if they were interested. Then I went home from work to meet the cable guy.

That afternoon, Monica called and wanted to see if she could join us for FNSC since she wasn’t doing her normal birthday dinner.

I called Jay and we worked out a time for when we would meet there. He told me that Willy was not coming because he had run 35 miles that day and felt he should take it easy. He also had big plans for Saturday night. He was going to a birthday party on Saturday night for his friends that he goes to the fights with.

So it was going to be me, Monica and Jay. About this time, my internet was turned on and I saw that Jen had sent me a message saying that she would be interested, but Derrick was out because he was running sound for Dennis’ surprise birthday party at Deano’s.

I called Jesse to tell him what time we were meeting because he had expressed some interest in trying the new pizza place, plus he had my new speakers in his car. Jesse said that he was in.

About 5 pm, my doorbell rang. I went to the door and was surprised to see Willy there. I told him that Jay said that he wasn’t coming.

He said that he had decided to “Man up.”

Then he gave me a partial bag of ice. The rest of the ice from the bag he was using to ice his legs.

Then Jay came over. He was insistent that we leave right at 5:30 to hold to some schedule that he had made in his head. Willy and I told him that wasn’t “the way things worked”.

We eventually left and met Jen and Monica at the pizza place. FNSC was supposed to consist of Me, Jay, Willy, Jesse, Jen and Monica. 6 people. On the way there, Willy started to get sick.

We ordered two large Chicago Style pizzas. Mr. Meaty and Louie’s Supreme. The price: $69. That is not a typo. That did not include drinks. They told us it would be 1 hour 15 minutes. We asked if we could change the order to delivery and we would eat at Jen’s place. They said that would add 30 minutes to the time we got our pizza.

There was no place to sit, so we ordered the pizza as Carry Out.

Order was placed at 6:20.

Jesse called to say that he had called home and found out that he couldn’t come out.

Jen went home.

Jay, Willy, Monica and I went to Wal-Mart. I needed to buy a toaster and some microwave popcorn. Monica (not making this up) bought a rake so that they could rake up all of the cigarette butts in their yard.

Jen called and said that Jill would be joining us. Willy continued to get worse.

We went inside. There were some tables available. I ordered some drinks and changed our order to Dine-In. They gave me a number after the lady stared at a computer screen for quite some time. I had no faith that the number she gave me was somehow connected to anything on her computer screen. Jay said that if the pizza wasn’t ready in 5 minutes, he was going to leave and take Willy home.

The pizza wasn’t ready in 5 minutes. Jay left.

Jen and Jill arrived. FNSC turned into Me, Jen, Jill and Monica. With two large Chicago Style Pizzas.

A little after 8 pm we were still sitting there (talking about hair) when one of the owners approached our table. He shook my hand and introduced himself to me. He asked how long we had been waiting. I said that we placed our order at 6:20. He asked what time it was. I didn’t not know. He looked at his cell phone and said “Is it really after 8?”

“If you say it is.”

He gathered some information and then went back and came back with a pizza. It wasn’t exactly hot. We told him we had two pizzas. He said, “I hope those dumbasses didn’t accidentally give it out.”

He came back with another pizza. It was not Chicago Style. Somebody pointed this out to him. He took it back and came back with the right pizza.

When he brought back the right pizza he said, “You must have thought we were running a special: 1 pizza for the price of 2!”

The Mr. Meaty pizza had next to no flavor. The Louie’s Supreme wasn’t bad. I like tomatoes, but I could have done without them on top of the pizza. Tomatoes are not a substitute for sauce, which the pizza had none.

At the end of the night, we had 9 slices of pizza left. I took 3 of them to Deano’s for Derrick. I later found out that he took 1 bite and threw the rest away.

Although this experience was very negative, I would be willing to give Black Market Pizza one more chance. I am not willing to give their Chicago style pizza a second chance though.

Happy Birthday Jason Baier

It would be best for all parties involved, if you read this like it was published on March 11.

Happy Birthday Jason Baier!

A photo of Jason Baier from our now famous Tenderloin Road Trip

Perhaps you can’t get enough Jason Baier.

Head over to the Snapshots Gallery to see more pictures of the man and the legend. Just click on the link below:

Jason Baier