Annual Dinner

A few weeks back I had my annual dinner with Mark. You may remember Mark as the stalwart publisher of the Taiwan Times. In fact, by the time you clasp eyes on this post, Mark will be back in Taiwan continuing with his missionary work.

Without further adieu, I present our annual photo:

Mark and I - 2013
Mark and I – Matching Shirts not Planned, but should become a new tradition!

I thought this year that I might would publish all of our previous photos, so you can see how Mark and I have become even better looking and more distinguished as the years have passed.

Mark and I - 2008
2008 – Camera was too difficult for the Machine Shed hostess to figure out.

Mark and I - 2009
2009 – Only meal in Boone, I contracted Jay to take the photo, so that it would actually be in focus.

Mark and I - 2010
2010 – Hickory Park becomes the standard meal home. Vest becomes photographer.

Mark and I - 2011
2011 – Yes the same shirt I wore in 2013.

Mark and I - 2012
2012 – Balanced Point & Shoot with a timer.

There is a small chance that I might be able to have TWO meals with Mark in 2014. Mark’s big news this year is that he has a lady friend and he is bringing her back to Iowa in January. I’ve already planted the idea that he needs to take her to the basketball cathedral that is Hilton Coliseum. He was very receptive to the idea.

365 Day Photo Challenge: 22-28

This week was a bit of challenge with the mission trip taking up 4 days of my week, but I still managed to get my pictures in, even if some of them might not make much sense to you as they relate to theme.

Day 22: Grey
Day 22: Grey

Day 23: I Drew This!
Day 23: I Drew This!

Day 24: D is For...
Day 24: D is For…

Day 25: Ground
Day 25: Ground

Day 26: The Everyday
Day 26: The Everyday

Day 27: Black + White
Day 27: Black + White

Day 28: This is New!
Day 28: This is New!

Here is the list of the next 34 themes:

Day 29: Perspective
Day 30: Friendship
Day 31: Workspace
Day 32: Something Beginning with N
Day 33: Incomplete
Day 34: Skylone
Day 35: Fresh
Day 36: Early
Day 37: This Means a Lot to Me
Day 38: A Sign
Day 39: Peek-a-Boo
Day 40: 2 O’Clock
Day 41: Beverage
Day 42: I Love Doing This!
Day 43: Macro
Day 44: Fast
Day 45: Trash
Day 46: The Best
Day 47: Cooking
Day 48: Exercise
Day 49: Someone You Spoke to Today
Day 50: Lost
Day 51: Stairs
Day 52: Slow
Day 53: A Room
Day 54: Yellow
Day 55: In the Background
Day 56: Culture
Day 57: Entrance
Day 58: 10 Minutes from Home
Day 59: Corridor
Day 60: Lucky
Day 61: Cluttered
Day 62 Dangerous

Looks like a pretty excellent list!

Slice of Life Vol. 164

I’m going to add names to these pictures, even though they will be almost completely meaningless to most of you and admittedly to me to a certain degree.

Bernice and Myrtle Kurtz (1961)

Harold and Ellen (1962)

Bernice and Ellen (1963)

Flossie, Bernice, Barb, and Ruth (1966)

Bernice and ? (1962)

Luella, Olive, David, Gerald, and Linda

Jim and Flossie

Johnny and Bernice

Barb, Myrtle, Mike Kurtz, Bob, Gerald, and Linda

Barb, Gerald, David, Linda, Johnny, and Grandma Needham