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Youth Group Mission Trip – Minneapolis

I might have said last week that this random Wednesday collection was going to feature Maddux. Next week’s collection will feature Maddux.

A couple weeks ago I had the great pleasure of helping chaperone the youth group from my church on a mission trip to Minneapolis.

As you have undoubtedly heard, my point and shoot went kaput on this trip, so I didn’t get as many photos as I wanted. However, with the pictures I had taken and pictures contributed by Sarah and Maddie I was able to put together this video of the trip to show during the church service on Sunday.

Of course, if you subscribe to this blog via email or RSS feed, you will have to go to the website to watch it.

One note on the video. I do think it ended up being the perfect song for the video and I really struggled with the song until I ultimately settled on this acoustic version of Live Like That by The Street Prophets.

I think this song and this version of the song worked perfectly for the video. I played with the original radio release, but I decided it was too hard of a song for our congregation. But I found an acoustic version of it on YouTube performed by The Street Prophets for KLove radio.

While searching for the perfect song I listened a lot of the Matt Maher station on Pandora while walking Naima.

Originally, I was going to go with Matt Maher’s Hold Us Together.

Then I changed to Brandon Heath’s Give Me Your Eyes.

Then I changed to Jason Gray’s Remind Me Who I Am.

Then I changed back to Matt Maher’s Hold Us Together.

But once I found the acoustic version of Live Like That, the choice was obvious, even though I love all those other songs.

Even though, you’ll see these pictures in the video, here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip:

Bible Study on a Hill

What 1 Ton of Rice Looks Like Before We Got There

What 1 Ton of Rice Looks Like When We Are Done with It!

Maddie Boxing Rice

Kiley and Sarah getting their hair done at Mary’s Place

Emily During Bible Study

Paige, Kiley, Grace and Erica Ready at Feed My Starving Children

Finishing Up at Feed My Starving Children

Blessing the Food Packs at Feed My Starving Children

Sarah, Grace, and Alan Making Boxes at Emergency Foodshelf Network

Jacob and Marshall Boxing Meat at Emergency Foodshelf Network

Erica, Gabe, and CJ – the end of the frozen meat line at Emergency Foodshelf Network

Bagging Noodles at Emergency Foodshelf Network

Erica, Maddie, Amber, and Kiley Sorting Clothes at ARC

Brenton, CJ, and Jacob Sorting Clothes at ARC

Gabe and Jake Organizing Clothes at ARC

Marshall, Jake, Alec, and Alan Working the Back of ARC

Sarah Styling in ARC

Minnehaha Falls


Andrew During Bible Study

Alec and Grace Draining the 1 Ton Bag of Rice

Emily and Amber Weighing Rice at Second Harvest Heartland

Sarah Sealing Bags of Rice at Second Harvest Heartland

Paige Sealing Bags of Rice at Second Harvest Heartland

Steph and Ryan Sealing Bags of Rice at Second Harvest Heartland

Erica, Amber, Sarah, Emily, Maddie, and Grace at the Global Market

Ammie and Paige Playing Sorry at Mary’s Place

Jake and Kids Showing Off their Creation at Mary’s Place

Brenton, Sarah, Grace, Emily, Amber, Erica, Jacob, Paige, Steph, Jake, Ammie, Allan, Ryan, Yours Truly, Gabe, Jake, Alec, Maddie, Kiley, Sarah, Andrew, CJ, and Marshall at the Sculptue Garden

It was an amazing trip and I hope I asked back for next year’s mission trip.

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Self-Portrait Project Week 18

Sometimes in this project I think I got the shot that I wanted, only to find out later that I didn’t. Monday’s picture would be an excellent example. I did get a picture of Naima looking at the camera, only to discover that it was out of focus when I uploaded it much later.

07/09/2012 – 9:12 PM

07/10/2012 – 10:05 PM

07/11/2012 – 7:22 AM

07/12/2012 – 7:41 PM

07/13/2012 – 6:02 PM

07/14/2012 – 3:45 PM

07/15/2012 – 2:33 PM

I wonder what amazing places I’ll go this week… besides Minnesota.

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Self-Portrait Project Week 17

I truthfully can say that none of these pictures were faked this week!

07/02/2012 – 8:19 PM (Happy Birthday Jen!)

07/03/2012 – 11:53 PM

07/04/2012 – 10:14 PM

07/05/2012 – 7:20 PM

07/06/2012 – 2:16 PM

07/07/2012 – 4:45 PM

07/08/2012 – 2:48 PM (Happy Birthday Jay!)

I am truly wondering if I will go any place fascinating this week!

Self Portrait Project Week 16

None of these have been faked either!

06/25/2012 – 2:09 PM

06/26/2012 – 5:58 PM

06/27/2012 – 10:21 PM

06/28/2012 – 7:28 AM

06/29/2012 – 7:33 PM

06/30/2012 – 2:08 PM

07/01/2012 – 12:37 PM

I wonder if I’ll go any place interesting this week?!?

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Dog Park

After months of hype, Naima and I finally were able to make our 1st trip to the Ames Dog Park recently.

Unfortunately, despite having a very good park system, Boone does not have a dog park. This is a hint for any would-be future Boone mayoral candidates out there. If you want my support you know my 2 conditions.

Number 1 involves the Pufferbilly Parade and a pink dress. You know what I’m talking about.
Number 2 involves bringing a dog park to Boone.

The trip from Ames to Boone had its moments as Naima is convinced that she is a lap dog, but once we got there I was very pleased with how everything went. I was hoping there weren’t many other dogs there for our first trip and there weren’t.

In the big-dog-dog-park there were really only two dogs. A German Shepard that just kept walking the trail over and over again. Then a big black dog that wasn’t overly interested in playing.

So Naima mostly kept to herself as she walked the perimeter of the park smelling everything out.

Here are a few pictures of the trip and from before the trip:

The only thing I think Naima didn’t enjoy was being separated from the small dogs. There were quite a few more small dogs at the park that she was sad that she couldn’t get to play with. She is accustomed to playing with small dogs as her top playmate is Carla’s dog Chloe who tips the scale at 10 pounds.

It was certainly worth the drive and I hope Naima thought it was worth her shoulder surgery and weeks of puppy bedrest!

Next week’s Random Wednesday will feature pictures of Evie!

Self-Portrait Project Week 15

So some of these might be “faked”, but can you prove it? Without checking the exif data?

06/18/2012 – 6:49 PM

06/19/2012 – 10:48 AM

06/20/2012 – 12:34 PM

06/21/2012 – 1:43 PM

06/22/2012 – 5:39 PM

06/23/2012 – 11:03 PM

06/24/2012 – 10:15 AM

I wonder what interesting places I’ll go next week?

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Self-Portrait Project Week 14

06-11-12 6:50 PM

06-12-12 9:30 PM

06-13-12 7:22 PM

06-14-12 7:47 PM

06-15-12 7:05 AM

06-16-12 4:05 PM

06-17-12 7:57 AM

I already know where I went next week.

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Self-Portrait Project Week 11

Once again, none of these were “faked”. Nudge-nudge. Wink-wink.

05-21-2012 6:49 AM

05-22-2012 6:48 PM

05-23-2012 8:28 PM

05-24-2012 1:44 PM

05-25-2012 6:54 PM

05-26-2012 2:15 PM

05-27-2012 3:16 PM

Hoping for more interesting venues this week!

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