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365 Day Photo Challenge: 169-175

Yet another week down in the 365 Day Photo Challenge!

Day 169: Makes You Feel Merry
Day 169: Makes You Feel Merry

Day 170: Tree
Day 170: Tree

Day 171: Big
Day 171: Big (Assist from Joe)

Day 172: 'Tis the Season To
Day 172: ‘Tis the Season To

Day 173: I'm Listening To
Day 173: I’m Listening To

Day 174: On the Door
Day 174: On the Door (Don’t judge my pathetic wreath.)

Day 175: Sparkly
Day 175: Sparkly

Weekly reminder: All pictures are taken and edited with my phone. All themes come from the Fat Mum Slim website.

The next 7 themes:

Day 176: Tradition
Day 177: Wrapped
Day 178: Best Bit of Your Day
Day 179: Where You Slept
Day 180: What You’re Doing Now
Day 181: Something Awesome
Day 182: Reflect: Best Bit of 2013

An additional congratulations needs to be extended to Dennis Haislip. He has become the latest person to show taste, class, and sophistication by subscribing for a Photography 139 Email Subscription!

Instagram: July & August

Time once again to look at some of my favorite Instagram work from the last couple of months.

Of course, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you have seen all of these before. Just act like you are surprised.

I’m pretty excited by how far I got to expand my photo map in the last two months.


I can’t wait to see where life takes me in in September and October.


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