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Use Them. Enjoy Them. Dominate Them.

Over 4 years ago, I felt it was time to retire The Friend Wall and replace it with something else. After reading a book from THE DAILY SHOW I came upon the idea to have 9 people pose while conveying 9 different emotions.

Many times I’ve thought about bringing back THE 9 EMOTIONS PROJECT with more people. Not just 9 more people, but more people. I even had a false start with Dawn that resulted in a photo shoot where the images have since been lost.

However, I now have began the process of starting again. I’m not sure where this will lead. There isn’t a timeline or a plan. I don’t know if any of the original 9 will come back and recreate their original photo shoot. Anything is possible.

So meet Michelle, who has become the first person to pose for the next generation of THE 9 EMOTIONS PROJECT photos.

9 Emotions - Michelle Haupt
Michelle Haupt

Read the 9 emotions left to right. Top to bottom. Take Tylenol for any headaches. Midol for any cramps.

1. Joy
2. Sadness
3. Anger
4. Amusement
5. Fear
6. Jealousy
7. Surprise
8. Sympathy
9. Boredom

I have even created a Gallery that is dedicated to housing the images from THE 9 EMOTIONS PROJECT.

The original 9 were:

1. Cousin Amy
2. Sara
3. Derrick
4. Jen
5. Jesse
6. Jay
7. Shannon
8. Willy
9. Jlll

If you want to visit that gallery, click on the link below:


Inside that gallery, for the first time for public eyes, I have released my photo shoot for THE 9 EMOTIONS PROJECT.

A question you might ask is this:

Will this pathetic mining of the past lead to future past mines?

The answer is maybe. I have tentatively been thinking about bringing back THE LABELS PROJECT as well. However, I really need to meditate on that one. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Another question might be:

Will these new images go on the THE 9 EMOTIONS PROJECT WALL in my living room?

The answer is no. I have a plan for that wall, but it is extremely expensive. What is that plan? Donate to my Go Fund Me page and maybe I’ll tell you*.

*I don’t have a Go Fund Me page.


I was a bit worried about this week. Early this morning there were zero submissions. I thought that this week might be strike 1 against the Weekly Photo Challenge, but slowly a few submission came in.

Here are those submissions:

Micky Augustin

Michelle Haupt

Mike Vest

Christopher D. Bennett

Becky Perkovich One

Becky Perkovich Two

Monica Kewer One

Monica Kewer Two

Carla Stensland One

Carla Stensland Two

This brings us to the time where we unveil this week’s theme. It is an easy one!


There should be a ton of submissions for this theme! Almost everybody I know eats! And the majority of those people eat food!

food – noun – Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.

It is also time for a quick housekeeping note from Photography 139’s Shameless Self-Promotion Division:

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new member of the email subscription family… Elizabeth Nordeen. Therefore, if you see Elizabeth Nordeen out and about (when she goes out and about) give her a knowing look and feel free to teach her the super-secret Photography 139 handshake.

Welcome aboard Elizabeth! We know you won’t openly regret it!


The theme SHADOWS must not have done it for many people. At least there was a new submitter this week. Welcome aboard Shannon!

Perhaps this week’s theme will be more to the liking of more peoples.

This week’s submissions:

Shannon Bardole

Christopher D. Bennett

Angie DeWaard

So it is time to unleash this week’s theme. It is an easy one. I swear!


Water – noun – A colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms.

As always, email your submissions to by noon next Monday.


There were a decent amount of submissions this week. Let’s have a look!

Jerry Thilges

Michelle Haupt

Christopher D. Bennett

Angie DeWaard

Mike Vest

Time to reveal this week’s theme. It is an easy one!


Who wants a definition of SHADOWS? You are in luck! Keep reading…

SHADOW (noun) – a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body of intercepting light.

Email your submissions to by noon next Monday to be included in this here blog.

Weekly Photo Challenge Week 5 – WILD ANIMAL

Admittedly, at this time of year, this is a hard theme to tackle. However, a fair amount of people were able to find a WILD ANIMAL. The challenge gets harder and harder as the weather gets colder and colder.

This week’s submissions:

Micky Augustin

Michelle Haupt

Mike Vest

Christopher D. Bennett

Angie DeWaard

Time to reveal this week’s theme:


I don’t know that I need to define this one, I think everybody knows the definition of portrait. I think everybody knows what a face looks like. So this is a portrait that doesn’t include a face.

No other real news to share. No new subscribers this week. The website is undergoing a metamorphosis, if you haven’t noticed. It isn’t there yet, but it almost is, so feel free to check the website’s new look out. Including new headers! New logo! My Snapcode! Same great content!

As always, good luck this week to you and your faceless victims… um… subjects!

Weekly Photo Challenge Week 4 – GREEN

Pretty good participation this week. I have no complaints.

The submissions for GREEN:

Angie DeWaard

Michelle Haupt

Monica Kewer

Monica Kewer

Monica Kewer

Mike Vest

Christopher D. Bennett

It is time to reveal this week’s theme…


Time for a definition…

A wild animal is defined as an animal which lives in nature (is not provide shelter by a human), is responsible for getting its own food and water (is not provided food or water by humans), and is not cared for by humans.

However, as always, interpret the theme as you will. Deadline for submission is noon next Monday. Email them to

One quick housekeeping note. Last week was a very successful week for the recruitment division of Photography 139. They added 4 new email blog subscribers. If you see the following people on the streets, extend them a heartfelt greeting. For they are now part of the family:

-Carla Stensland
-Joseph Lynch
-Jorge Rios
-Anders Runestad

Also I forgot to mention a couple weeks ago that Melissa Degeneffe also became an email subscriber. You can also give her the secret handshake if you see her out and about.

If you have stumbled upon this blog post, you too can become an email subscriber by emailing or by leaving a comment in the comments section.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 3 – CAMERA

Participation took a slight uptick this week. Perhaps a promising sign.

Here are this week’s submissions for CAMERA:

Becky Perkovich

Mike Vest

Michelle Haupt

Christopher D. Bennett

So it is time to reveal next week’s amazing theme:


green – adjective
1. of the color between blue and yellow in the spectrum, colored like grass or emeralds.

However, interpret the theme in any way that you desire.

Remember, submissions need to be submitted by 12 PM next Monday. The picture should be taken between the time you are reading these words and that deadline. Email you submissions to

Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 1: Night

This was an awesome week of participation! Hopefully this continues.

A quick note because I forgot to mention this last week. The photo needs to be taken the week of the challenge. This isn’t a I have this photo I took 3 years ago that fits the category challenge. This isn’t a curate challenge. This is a get out and photograph challenge.

This week’s submissions:

Angie DeWaard

Becky Perkovich

Micky Augustin

Angie DeWaard

Michelle Haupt

Christopher Bennett

Dawn Krause

Mike Vest

Now is the moment where I reveal this week’s challenge!


plural noun: signs

1. an object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probably presence or occurrence of something else.
2. a gesture or action used to convey information or instructions

3rd person present: signs

1. write on’es name on (a letter, card, or similar itemt) to identify oneself as the writer or sender.
2. use gestures to convey information or instructions

Remember to get you submission to me by noon next Monday, however, the earlier the better!. Email me at

I can’t wait to see next week’s submissions!

Phonetos Vol. 2

The rest of the pictures from my phone from the last couple of months.

Once again, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen most of these already. Carry on!

First time playing BINGO with Jill.

After watching MONTAGE OF HECK, I listened to a ton of Nirvana again.

This is something I found during THE BASEMENT PROJECT and Michelle put it on her door at work. Not sure why.

Tried to get rid of this guy. Nobody wanted him. To the dump he went.

View from the hotel at Nate’s Bachelor Party.

My destiny.

Watching American League “baseball”.

George Brett. A statue. It isn’t really him.

Creepiest sculpture I’ve ever seen. Good work Kansas City.

Dae Hee at Boulevard.

This is what Nate did during 85% of his Bachelor Party. Text Laura.

Hilton South

Power & Light in a storm.

Getting a new used bed.

Gotta remember how they strapped down those chairs.

Grandma at Tara’s wedding.

Miss June.

The Ghetto Home Theater. Functional. Not pretty.

Welcome to Missouri. Where open racism is still condoned.

Pit Stop on the road to Nate & Laura’s wedding.

If you are a customer of US Bank, you can get a free selfie stick. In case you were interested.

Birthday dinner shenanigans.

Brandi tickets.

Yea! Don’t be stupid!

Mutt Cuts!

Probably all I got. For a while.

Phonetos – Vol. 1

Although I haven’t touched the real camera lately, I have sorta documented some stuff with my cruddy camera on my phone. Thought I would post some of those from the last few months. Remember, these are taken with a cruddy camera phone.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen many of these. Feel free to carry on.

Best donuts. Ever.

Our waiter at Pig Ate My Pizza. Carrying Naima’s favorite toy.

This was apropos of that weekend. I love John Cusack.

Iowa State Relay for Life

Such a great game!

Naima had Willy protect her while we watched the ISU-Oklahoma game.

I still don’t think they’ve done anything about this building.

Dre’s Birthday. Watching a little March Madness.

Layla’s Melancholy Lion.

Network Engineering Night at Welch Ave.



First birthday party I’ve been to that was on the grounds of a federal prison.


New love. Rico’s Tacos.

ISU Spring Game.

Confirmation Sunday with my Confirmation Mentee Mitchell.

Derek. Winner of this year’s Roundball Oracles.

Uncola at the Otho Pub.

Carla’s Art.

Logan really enjoyed his first Adobe experience.

Jim. The last night of bowling. Ever.

Dinner with a member of the Illuminati.

Miss May.

Bulletin from Pastor Sarah’s amazing Superhero Sermon Series.

The wall from the Citywide Youth Group.

More soonish…