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The Michael Phelps of Pufferbilly Days

So Willy didn’t actually win 8 events during Pufferbilly Days, but he did finish 2nd with his partner Avril in the Anytime Fitness Amazing Race. He backed this up by winning the Pufferbilly Days 5K for his age group the following morning.

Below is a very pixelated video taken by Jesse as Willy’s team finished the Amazing Race.

Although they were the first team to cross the finish line, another team finished with a better time and took home the 500 smackers.

Some of the tasks they had to complete along the way included:

  • Putting together a puzzle
  • Counting cars in the Pat Clemons lot
  • Make a free throw blind folded
  • 100 push ups or eat a randomly selected amount of hot dogs
  • 100 situps or drink 32 oz coolie
  • Find the prices of 10 items in Hy-Vee

I think I’ll have to watch Willy complete the whole event if he does it again next year.


More pictures that weren’t selected.

Miller Farm - 2008

This is a picture of June and Dean’s barn.

Field of Dreams Road Trip

This is a picture of the Basilica in Dyersville. This picture was actually originally selected for entry, but I decided that I didn’t really like the way it looked when it was printed, so it was removed.

A picture of a flower with a little Photoshop thrown in.

A picture of a flower.