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Personal Photo Project of the Week #46 Beta

The rest of the I Recommend Pleasant pictures.

I think if you look closely at these pictures, you can see the exact moment where Foster is no long amused.

Something else I am reminded of when I look at these pictures is that I need to invest in another backdrop. I’ve also been considering painting the “studio” area of my basement silver. Mostly because of its light reflective properties and it will look awesome in black and white. I do worry that people will think that I stole the idea from Andy Warhol and I can’t stand Andy Warhol. I can live with it though.

There have been a couple of developments in the world of Foster Q. Bunny.

1. Thanks to Angie, Foster now has an actual cage. Foster was living in a giant rubbermaid container with a screen window on top to prevent escape attempts.
2. My rabbit expert Becky came over and sexed up Foster. Foster is officially a chick rabbit. Good thing Foster is an androgynous name.

Personal Photo Project of the Week #46 Alpha

I Recommend Pleasant

There is a long and elaborate story about how this rabbit came into my possession. The details that you need to know are that he was homeless so I opened up my home to him.

To slightly elaborate, I borrowed him from Dawn to photograph. While he was in my care all of his siblings died a horrible parasitic death. So he has kind of de facto became mine.

However, he needed a name. I understand that naming a rabbit is kind of like naming a car or a cat or fish or a washing machine. It is a complete waste of time. But since it easier to just say “Name X” rather than explaining why it is a waste of time to name a rabbit I finally settled on the name Foster Q. Bunny.

I gave him the name Foster to remind him that the people that were supposed to love him rejected him. I never want him to forget that. It will burn inside him and propel him to greatness. The Q. part is from John Q. Public. I want him to be a rabbit of the people. The bunny part is fairly self-evident. Bunny is clearly cuter than rabbit and lepus gives me nightmares because of the epic giant rabbit movie Night of the Lepus.

A special thanks to Shannon for acting as the bunny wrangler on this job.

Here are more pictures from the I Recommend Pleasant Photo Sessions.

Just a quick reminder. Nobody has correctly answered the most recent Christopher D. Bennett Trivia Question.

If you would like to take a guess, follow this link and try your luck in the “Comments” section. You can also read more of my political rantings.

Proust No. Three

You can guess more than once, but only one guess at a time.

Personal Photo Project of the Week #45

Turtle Thoughts are Turtle

Special thanks should go to Dawn for loaning me this homeless turtle and to Shannon for acting as turtle wrangler on the inside photos of my stinky friend.

More pictures from the Turtle Thoughts are Turtle Photo Sessions.

My understanding is that this homeless turtle eventually found a home where he is being tortured with country music.

Personal Photo Project of the Week #30

I ‘m pretty sure that there won’t be a lot of people out there clamoring for more of these pictures, but I like the frogs.

Frog with Tail

More pictures from the “Frog with Tail” series:

Also while I was out and about I almost got a decent turtle picture. A satisfactory turtle picture has eluded me for quite some time. But here are my near decent turtle pictures:

For those that don’t like the creatures of the bog, next week’s images should be more agreeable.

Dr. The Incidental Gardener

Since today is/was an extremely big day for the person that gave me the name “The Incidental Gardener”, I thought I would share a few more things from the files of The Incidental Gardener.

For FNSC last week Carrie, Jason and I helped Nader move some of the hundreds of boxes of movies and paraphernalia into storage. While I was waiting for the Baiers to arrive I took some photos of a lovely flowerbed that sits near Nader’s current apartment. The Incidental Gardener liked what he saw.

I am temporarily storing some of Nader’s movies at my place. While we were dropping off boxes filled with movies, Carrie admired many of my flowers. She asked for my advice on how to grow such a lovely collection of flowers. I offered her some of my wisdom. Here are a few pictures from The Incidental Gardener’s personal collection.

In closing, congratulations to Angie and Jon on their big day!