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Happy Birthday to…

One of the smartest and most talented and most interesting people I know!

2016 Birthday Party Photo Booth
Happy birthday Steph!

For those of you who don’t have the good fortune to know Stephanie, she is in the bunny glasses.

Unrelated, for some reason Michelle from day job made this video. Enjoy:

As always, if you are an email subscriber to this here blog, you will have to go to the website to watch the video. It is 16 seconds long and it is glorious!

2013 Mission Trip

A couple weeks back I went with my church’s youth group to Kansas City on their annual mission trip. Here is the video I put together to show the congregation on Sunday:

Of course, if you subscribe to this blog via RSS Feed or email, you will actually have to go to the website to view the video.

We weren’t allowed to take cameras on the trip, but our facilitator Joe (an Iowa State Man) took several pictures for us. I also was able to snap a few with my phone.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip:

Jake showing off the meal we prepared on Thursday Night.

Our spaghetti feast. We had a communication breakdown with Urban Plunge and didn’t realize that we were responsible for the meal on Thursday night. Thankfully, Jim Jordan donate $40 for the trip that we were able to use to buy and create a perfectly edible spaghetti feast.

Ryan, Shawn, Joe, and Gabe in line for food.

Curtis assigning us work to do.

Moving mattresses to the attic.

Corbin and C.J. moving a trunk.

Corbin, Shawn, Ryan and I moving a exam table.

Sarah and Alisa




Emily C.

Amber and her injured fingers.

Emily C., Grace, and Maddie serving breakfast/

Sarah and Jordan prepping lunch.

Corbin and Carter doing dishes.

Paige and Emily W. sorting clothes.

Gabe and C.J. doing dishes.

Hope/Faith Commons Area

On the stairs to the Game Room at Hope/Faith.

Getting instructions on how to bag flour.

Sarah cutting open a 25 lb bag of flour.

Jordan and Maddie bagging flour.

Corbin and Carter bagging flour.

Jake and Grant bagging flour.

Amber sweeping up four.

Sarah and Emily C. outside of Harvesters.

Group photo outside of Harvesters.

Prayer Walk

Some Hope/Faith Statistics

Amber and Sarah



Emily W.

Pastor Sarah


Shawn, Carter, and I breaking rock.

C.J., Jake, and Gabe cleaning glue out of a tub.

Gabe, Jake, and C.J. cleaning glue out of a tub.

Grant pulling weeds.

Grace and Maddie working with neighborhood kids.

Paige working with neighborhood kids.

Katelyn waiting to break up more rock.

Ryan and Shawn goofing around.

Emily W., Katelyn, Shawn, Ryan, C.J., Gabe, Corbin, and I loading the truck up with rock.

Grant and Amber

Emily C., Amber, and Sarah posing with neighborhood kids.

Carter and Paige taking a break.

Paige and Alisa having their hair braided.

Group Prayer

Emily C. and Ryan vacuuming the floor.

Corbin and Carter cleaning the boys room.

Gabe and C.J. playing “interrogation”.

Grant preparing to cut down vines.

Gabe and Katelyn weed “whacking”.

Paige cleaning a mirror.

Shwan, Alisa, Jake, Nancy, and Pastor Sarah putting cots together.

Ryan and I doing something I don’t wish to discuss.

Grace nursing Pastor Sarah’s head injury.

Basketball Break

Jake with the board.


Paige, Jordan, Maddie, and Grace showing some of the kids at the shelter some dance moves.

Group Prayer

Grace, Maddie, Gabe, and Ryan enjoying breakfast at homeless shelter.

Sarah defying the laws of physics.

Group Photo

Katelyn, Emily C., Grace, and Maddie on The Viking.

Paige and Alisa were very impressed by “bro-tanks”.

Paige enjoyed The Boomerang. Alisa did not.

Emily C. with the bear she won.

All in all, the pictures don’t really do the experience justice. I have many stories to tell about this trip. It was one incredible experience after another.

Methodist Men Steak Fry – Preview

Here is a preview of what you will see if you come to the Methodist Men Steak Fry on Sunday night.

Below is the video that Jesse will use to close his presentation.

The video was put together by Mike Vest. The song is “Hey World (Don’t Give Up on Me Version)”

Of course, if you subscribe to this blog via RSS Feed or Email, you will have to go to the website to view the video. You can do so by clicking on the link below:

An Artist’s Notebook

The Grand Slam

This is a video of Jesse eating an onion. Why? Because he said that he could and Schmidt and I doubted him. Well perhaps doubt is the wrong term, because we wanted to see him do it.

But now we have devised a new goal for Jesse. We want him to complete the Grand Slam of onions. He has taken a white onion down. It is time for him to step up to a yellow onion. Then a red onion. Then finally a green onion.

If you see 3 more videos, you know he was up to the challenge.

Of course, if you subscribe to this blog via email or RSS Feed, you will actually have to go to the website to see the video.

Video from Friday

If you subscribe to this blog via RSS Feed or e-mail, you will actually have to go to the website to see the video embedded below:

This video is a rough cut from Ames on a Half Shell from last Friday. My friend Mike Vest came down and shot some video of the event for us.

Although this was actually the highlight of the night:

Possible Preview

This might just be a preview for a new feature of this website or at the very least, a new endeavor for yours truly and Mr. Janson. If you do not see a video below, your boss is blocking YouTube.

I am planning on going to see Things We Lost in the Fire this Sunday, so the review could conceivably be up some time next week.