Friday, January 22, 2010

Personal Photo Project of the Week No. 1

My new Friday tradition is to post my Personal Photo Project of the Week. This is not to be confused with the Random Photo Project of the Week that is posted on Mondays. The Monday pictures are random. The Friday pictures are personal.

One of the goals I developed near the end of last year was to complete a personal photo project every week. This isn't a 2010 goal. This is a "until I run out of what I view as creativity goal". I'm hoping that this is a 2011 goal, a 2012 goal, a 2013 goal...

Because frequently "fate takes a hand", sometimes I don't complete my personal photo project every week and sometimes I complete more than one project a week I'm giving myself a very generous buffer. Although this is the first week that I'm posting my personal photo projects I have a buffer of 6 weeks. That means, that this project was completed 6 weeks ago and if you participated in a weekly project, you won't see it posted on the website for roughly 6 weeks.

PPPoftW #1 was to get a picture of a foot to match my hand picture. Jill graciously agreed to pose for the foot picture so that the hand and foot pictures match (well, they are at least attached to the same body). So without further adieu, I reveal Psyched Up (Not Out).

Psyched Up (Not Out)

Not all photo projects will be taking new pictures. Some projects involve framing pictures. Some might involve hanging up pictures. But some projects involve taking multiple pictures. Here are a few other pictures from the "Psyched Photo Sessions".

I am choosing not to publish Jill's favorite picture from this photo session because it is more of a "behind the scenes" type photo and although I think most people can figure this picture out, I still like to leave some things to the imagination.

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