Johnny Joiner

In the last few months I have really considered joining more groups and organizations in an attempt to be the slightest bit more active in my communities. Strangely enough I consider myself to be a member of the communities of Boone, Ames, Iowa State and FUMC.

Today I sent in checks to join two groups from two of those communities.


Next time you clasp eyes on me (unless you see me tonight, tomorrow or the following day depending on the speed of the USPS) I will be a Methodist Man and a member of the Iowa State Alumni Association.

While I was tooling around the Iowa State Alumni Association website I found a new must have item for this fall’s tailgating season. Check out this sweet baby:

According to the online store:

A portable cast iron rack that rests on your barbecue grill and sears Iowa State logos onto grilled meats. This season’s hottest tailgating item! 11×13” with handles.

I would point out that with my Alumni Association discount, they are practically giving this baby away at 38 bucks.

I’ve already had to discussion with a fellow Cyclone grad about doing a couple test runs with this sweetness on the Computer Mine grill this summer.

As far as joining groups and organizations go, I’m still giving some consideration to joining the Boone County Historical Society. I’ll have to give that matter some more thought.