Welcome to Photography 139

Photography 139 is the dream of Christopher D. Bennett.

Bearded Camera

Christopher D. Bennett has spent many a day and night reading photography manuals, playing with toxic dark room chemicals, and cruising around looking for (and creating) what he feels is a prime photo opportunity. He does not do this for fame, fortune or some conglomeration of fame and fortune. He does this to hone his craft and record his adventures, and the adventures of the people he loves dearly. He does this so he can share what he feels is the everyday beauty in life that most people either take for granted, or don’t even notice.

The challenge that Christopher D. Bennett and his art give the rest of humanity isn’t to “merely Stop and smell the roses”, but to stop and admire the beauty in everything that God has made beautiful in this world. Do not stop admiring that beauty when it is no longer in your presence, but place it in your heart and remember it forever.

It is a dream that Christopher D. Bennett began to dream the first time he touched a Minolta over ten years ago and, it is a dream that he continues to dream every new day. A dream that he hopes to share with you while you are within the walls of the Photography 139 website.

Welcome to my dream.
Christopher D. Bennett
Chief Dream Officer


One of the things that you will find while perusing these pages is THE WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE. It is a photography challenge where I reveal a new theme every Monday at 12:01 PM and anybody can submit their interpretation of the theme by 11 AM the following Monday. It has created an eclectic mix of photographers from professionals to amateurs to beginners and it is always a fascinating experience to enjoy the the submissions every Monday.

Below is a slideshow of the Year 10 Submissions thus far.