An Announcement

As of yesterday, my dear friend Jay is no longer a “Corporate Sellout”.

There is an old bit of knowledge that dates back to the dawn of man. I think it might be found in Leviticus. That bit of knowledge is “Bros before hoes.” Jay has long been a big proponent of this knowledge and for the last few years has never failed to live by it.

I’ve never been big into this precept, but I do believe in putting “Bros before dough.” Meaning you put your brothers (friends) over monetary concerns. To not put your bros before cash would make somebody a sellout. If they chose to take that cash from an evil, heartless, soulless corporation, that would make them a Corporate Sellout.

Things weren’t always that way for Jay. Look at how tight he was with his bro Jesse.

Eastern Iowa Road Trip - 2006

Eastern Iowa Road Trip - 2006

However, I’m not what you would call psychic, but I have always been able to smell evil on a person. In this picture below, I might have been smelling what Jay was to become.

Eastern Iowa Road Trip - 2006
I’m giving Jay “the look”.

As of about 10 PM last night, Jay removed the shackles of corporate tyranny and has placed his bros back where they belong.

Eastern Iowa Road Trip - 2006
As Jay looks into the future!

I don’t know what choices Jay will make now. I do know (in my heart) that he has learned from his time as a Corporate Sellout the proper spot to place his bros in his priority hierarchy. I look forward to welcoming him back to Friday Night Supper Club with both arms wide open.