I Further Celebrate Myself More

This is even more rehashier of the post 2 weeks ago and last week the new information is in bold.

Only a handful of you understand the photo I posted to start this post. But that is okay. You might understand in a few weeks, or you might just be even more confused.

Almost all the pieces are now in place and the Birthday Invitation Photo Shoot has been scheduled for this week. Now we’re playing with fire! I hope Torgo doesn’t lose his hand!

The birthday invite photo shoot has finished and the invites have been ordered. Many may get handed off to the United State Postal Service this week Socialism at work!

Here is the information that you need to know. My personal Edith Head, my personal staff man, my personal Torgo, my personal technology team, and my personal photographer are hard at work currently devising invitations for my birthday gala.

Edith Head is done. Experiments ran by the makeup team based on Edith Head’s suggestion have been deemed a success. The Staff Man has made tremendous progress. The staff (as far as I’ve seen it) is beautiful.

The costume did survive the photo shoot. One of the costumes at least. Another costume had to be cut off, but between you, me, and a boy named blue; that added something to the night. I had to pour out a 40 for the hand staff though.

That is right! After a several year hiatus… it is back!

After consulting, friends, family, a gopher, a toreador, my personal astrologist, a numerologist, a phrenologist, Hoodie Club, Nature Squad, Friday Night Supper Club, and The Dawg Pound I have settled on a date for this event.

MAY 14

So this is sort of a “save the date” only, believe me, I would never be so presumptuous as to ask somebody to save a date. This would be more like a consider this date. Or don’t. I understand that you have to live your life and walk. I would expect nothing more and nothing less, from you my friend.

I stick with this belief. You have to live your life and walk. When you aren’t doing that, I say may grilled cheese sandwiches in an air fryer while posting videos about it on Snapchat.

What can you expect at this event (besides my arrogance)?

My arrogance has only grown in the last week. Some would say that it has grown unchecked.

At this point, it is possible that my arrogance is out of my control. It is may apply for its own zip code after I successfully ran new speaker wire for my rear speakers in the living room, restored the interwebs to the financial computer at church, AND cleaned my office!

Well, details are being hammered out.

However, there could be such fun activities as:

Food from an award winning barbecue team.

I have signed one member of the award winning barbecue team Baby Got Rack to a contract. While that isn’t the whole team, the guy I signed is clearly the George Michael of the team. Trust me. I didn’t sign Andrew Ridgeley.

I have not talked to the Daryl Hall of Barbecue this week. But the ball is mostly in my court, to decide what meat will get the award winning treatment.  You know who I’m not passing that ball to? Alf. That is who!

Food! From other sources. Like my Mom.

I did talk to my Mom. She is going to make various salads for the event. She wanted to know how many people were coming. Funny. That is the same question that Daryl Hall asked. Probably means I should work on a guest list.

Keg beer! Of the root vintage.

No progress here. But I have my man on it.

Cornhole! No horseshoes.

No progress here either. Need to get on that.

A dog!

(Naima has confirmed that she will make an appearance. Unless she gets a better offer.)

Naima hasn’t moved out. We’re still good here.

Music. Most of it clean! At least 63%.

(That Master Playlist is currently over 1,000 songs. If you wish to suggest a song for the Master Playlist, I suggest that you suggest in the COMMENTS section.)

Master Playlist currently stands at 1232 songs. Song 1232 is “Closing Time” by Semisonic. 

A Christopher D. Bennett trivia game. Winner to get a semi-fabulous prize. You better start trying to figure out my favorite band… now!

I just wrote a new question today. What is Christopher D. Bennett’s second favorite Bible verse?  Doesn’t mean it will be on the quiz, but I wrote it.

A tent!

(I have confirmed it. I own a tent.)

My Edith Head offered the use of 2 canopies so that people can eat award winning barbecue in the shade. If you guys don’t have an Edith Head in your world, you’re doing life wrong.

Stimulating conversation!

(My idea for guaranteeing this is to create a section of the yard where people can talk about vaping. If they leave that section of the yard, they cannot bore people with incessant talk about coils and formulas and amps and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!)

Other people!

(Maybe. After people see the invitation, it just might be you and me. But if its the right you and the right me, that’s cool.) Well, one person has RSVPed sorta. So 2 of us will be there.

Word is that a baby might make an appearance. I know babies aren’t people, but it is a step in the right direction. 

A photo booth! With props?

(Work in progress. At best.)

Boom! That is all I have to say.

A new firepit!

(Probably a temporary new firepit.)

Sidewalk chalk! (I’ve priced it.)

A finely manicured lawn!

(Spring-Green has applied the year’s first treatment. My lawn. It is the thing of daydreams.)

A bounce house.

(I mean stranger things have happened.)

This isn’t happening. The logistics are just too complicated.  No sweat. Jumping up and down on a finely manicured lawn seems like fun to me!

Convenient parking! (Unless more than 3 of you show up.)

The driveway will be shut down for sidewalk chalk art.  So don’t even look at it.

Zero pressure to RSVP!

So keep your mailboxes peeled on your eyes for the invitation of what will surely be one of the biggest events at my house that month!

I wouldn’t start peeling them yet. The photo session hasn’t even commenced yet.

I’m hoping to start throwing stamps on these and then throwing these into a mailbox late this week. So start the peeling around then or more likely early the week after that.