Happy Thanksgiving!

I didn’t get around to wishing people Happy Thanksgiving this year through my normal channels. So, if you are used to getting some kind of message from me on Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas (for example) but didn’t get anything from me this year… don’t lose heart. Nobody didn’t get nothin’ from me this year. (I think that is the proper number of negatives.) No real good excuse. I could say that I was busy, but everybody can say that. I mean except for the people that did wish me Happy Thanksgiving. I am in the debt of those people and I will swear to do better next holiday that matters.

So let me take this time to belatedly wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! In the laziest way possible.


The inflatable turkey (a multiple child acknowledged COOL decoration) came out of semi-retierement and graced the entrance of my church for our annual Free Community Dinner.