A Photo Journal – Page 97

A couple Saturdays back I went to the Des Moines Farmer’s Market with my Mom. I was mostly on a mission to take a picture for the theme STREET PHOTOGRAPHY for THE WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE. However, I also spied an opportunity to knock Page 97 off of my list for THE PHOTO JOURNAL PROJECT.

Photo Journal - Page 97
Page 97 – Photograph a human as though it were an animal.

While I can only physically adhere one photograph into the physical A PHOTO JOURNAL, there is one more picture I did consider for this page:

Photo Journal - Page 97

The last youth group was a couple Wednesdays back. I’m hoping to use that new free night as an opportunity to knock out several more pages from THE PHOTO JOURNAL PROJECT.

I currently have my eyes on knocking out a few of these pages:

Page 109 – Photograph a word to change its meaning.
Page 121 – Show us that photography is a form of magic.
Page 116 – Shoot an advert where the image says it all without the need for any additional copy.
Page 20 – Make something big look small.
Page 21 – Make something small look big.


This is your reminder that the theme for this week’s WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE is BLUE:


A BLUE photo is a photo of anything that is BLUE.

Happy photo harvesting!