Town Sign Project – Vol. 10

After parting ways with the Howards in Van Meter after lunch after Larry’s graveside service, I decided to just kind of meander back to Boone and do a little town sign hunting for THE TOWN SIGN PROJECT.

We left Grover Flavors about 4 PM, which was considerably later than I thought, so I didn’t make as large of a loop back to Boone as I had expected. However, I consider any town sign hunting trip to be a success if I harvest 5 signs. On this trip, I harvested 7!

Linden, Iowa
Linden, Iowa – Pride of “Panther” Country

Panora, Iowa
Panora, Iowa – Welcome to Panora and Lake Panorama

Scranton, Iowa
Scranton, Iowa – Scranton Welcomes You!

Redfield, Iowa
Redfield, Iowa

Yale, Iowa
Yale, Iowa – Not the Biggest, But the Best

Bagley, Iowa
Bagley, Iowa – Welcome to Bagley

Bayard, Iowa
Bayard, Iowa – Welcome to Bayard

That is all the town sign hunting I have done lately. However, I’m considering taking August 2 off from work to do some train chasing. If that goes down, I’ll probably do some sign hunting as well. I got to see where I stand with my PTO situation.