If you are reading this, I’ve chosen to go on a road trip this morning and don’t have access to a computer to publish all the submissions I received for HISTORY. I will publish those submissions when I get home later tonight.

But just because I’m not around doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a start on this week’s theme. Which is…


FLOWER! What a great theme for Year 9 of THE WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE!

But what is a FLOWER picture? Simply put, a FLOWER picture is any picture where a FLOWER is a major compositional element of the picture. The FLOWER can be real. The FLOWER can be fake. The FLOWER can be a artistic rendering. There are so many options!

When thinking on possible subjects for your submission, meditate on the following quote:

Take time to smell the roses.

I look forward to seeing your interpretations!


The picture has to be taken between 12:01 PM today and 11 AM next Monday. This isn’t a curate your photos project. This is a get your butt off the couch (unless you are taking your picture from the couch) and take pictures challenge.

You can send your images to either bennett@photography139.com OR you may text them to my Pixel 5.

That is all I got, so if the good Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we will all be sharing your idea of FLOWER in this place that some people already think has too many flowers next Monday.