I’m like the rain in a downpour
I wash away what you long for
And I wave goodbye with the sun in my eyes
I wish I could be there tonight

I’m like the wind in the canyon
I’m there then I’m gone in a second
You’re growing older in peace where you’re at
I wish I could be there for that
But I’ve moved on
Like a rolling stone
In a crowded room
I’m alone
-Brandi Carlile

Thursdays are for flowers. One of the notorious flower picture haters sent me a joyful text last week thinking that because the flowers in my yard are gone for the year, that meant the end of Flower Thursdays. I had to break it to him that just because there aren’t flowers in my yard any more (well there a couple just barely holding on) didn’t mean that aren’t plenty of flowers in the backlog. Sometimes, I even stumble across flower pictures I haven’t shared.

This collection is small and comes from a collection I “lost”. Finding them was a bonus. I took these flower pictures in my yard on May 28:

Girl in the Blue Skirt - 2022

Girl in the Blue Skirt - 2022

Girl in the Blue Skirt - 2022

Girl in the Blue Skirt - 2022

Through Dirt - 2022

Whispering Beauty - 2022

A Proud Assertion - 2022

Daisies. Phlox. Peonies. Marigolds. Oh my!

Don’t worry, those of you that enjoy flowers, even if I run out of flower pictures I took during the flower season, I would go out and buy bouquets to photograph. After all, I have a flower guy. He needs business year round.

Long live Flower Thursday!

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