Sometimes I forget that I cut an impressive figure. Sometimes I forget that when you are 6’3 inches tall and are rippling with muscles, attitude and intensity to spare you can unintentionally strike fear in to the hearts of others.

Back when I was running Campus it was not uncommon for me to cause an employee to burst into tears with just one glare. I was giving the nickname “The Intimidator” by some of my employees.

Stephanie made buttons for most of the employees at Campus. My button said “The Intimidator” and had a picture of a ferocious bear on it. I don’t know the current location of that button, but I tell this story to setup the following.

My final birthday present recently wound up in my mailbox. Stephanie got me a subscription to American Photo. An awesome present, but I worry that she bought me this present because she still fears me a bit. Even if she recently described me as “Former Supervisor, Friend, Mentor” on a recent application. I wonder because of the mailing label on the magazine.


At least the mailman will know not to mess with me.