Primary Painting Day

Although Carla and Alexis did a wonderful job of taking pictures, one of the downsides of not having taken any pictures myself is that I didn’t get pictures of everybody that helped.

So thanks to my incredible painting crew on Primary Painting Day:

Jason Stensland
Carla Stensland
Alexis Stensland
Jason Baier
Jeff Daniel
Amy Yin
Jen Gorshe
Derrick Gorshe
Sara Junck
Teresa Kahler
Monica Henning
Nader Parsaei
Jay Janson
Jesse Howard
Shannon Bardole
Becky Perkovich
James Strachota

I’m sure I’m forgetting somebody. They all did a wonderful job and if it wasn’t for the stupid moisture, I’m sure we would have been completely done on that day. With everything except the kitchen cabinets.

My mom also cooked up a wonderful lunch and supper. I think a good time was had by most.

Some pictures from that day in no particular order:

Primary Painting Day
The Master Bedroom

Primary Painting Day
The Office

Primary Painting Day
Roger taking the tile out to make room for a shower.

Primary Painting Day
Shannon painting the entry way.

Primary Painting Day
Jen working in the kitchen. Notice the swanky green color that kitchen cabinets used to be before the horrible antiquing.

Primary Painting Day
Jesse, possibly high on something, working in the kitchen.

Primary Painting Day
Jesse doing some primer work in the kitchen.

Primary Painting Day
Sara and Alexis toiling in the kitchen. I do not know what I am doing.

Primary Painting Day
Alexis and I painting the living room wall. It might be the accent wall, but I’m not sure if it is still considered an accent wall if you paint two walls that color.

Primary Painting Day
Carla painting in the master bedroom. To the left of her is the family heirloom, our Grandpa Bennett’s painting stool.

Primary Painting Day
Painting the living room. Jesse, Alexis, Me and James.

Primary Painting Day
The guest bedroom.

Primary Painting Day
Jason painting the living room.

Jason and Carla came over on Sunday to do some more painting.

Jen came over and did quite a bit more work in the kitchen as well. I just don’t have any pictures of that.

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