Unaffiliated Triad

A collection of unrelated photos and stories…

Bill’s Return

Bill returned to Boone briefly on Saturday. A few pictures from our time together.

At FNSC Willy agreed to attempt to eat ice cream on 100 straight days. At first he balked at attempting such a thing, but the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea. He shook hands on the deal and “locked it in”. Saturday was Day 15 of this new challenge. He had a Dairy Queen banana split.

In February of 2005 Jay talked Bill into coming back from Nebraska so that Jay could film a sequel to our “hit” Games. It has been over 5 years since that cold day in Ledges and Jay has yet to complete and release Games 2. In the pictures above, Bill is asking Jay to give up “editing” of Games 2 and give the footage to somebody that would finish the movie. Jay is enjoying Bill’s frustration as much as Willy enjoys ice cream. Willy is enjoying Bill’s frustration and Jay’s enjoyment of Bill’s frustration.

A Group Photo

Cherry Tree

A couple of people from my Church came over and picked some cherries from the cherry tree.

I got a cherry pie out of the deal.

A Deer

A couple pictures of a deer relaxing behind the Computer Mine.

6 thoughts on “Unaffiliated Triad”

  1. I enjoy your hat. Very bluesy.

    I also think you totally got a good deal with the cherry pie. That looks delicious…

  2. People like cooking for me. I don’t know why. It seems like every few weeks or so I’m lucking my way into a free meal of some kind.

    It was very delicious. Although Shannon made me a pie with those cherries last year. A little sad that I won’t be getting one of those this year.

  3. If I know Shan, and I think I do, I’m guessing it wouldn’t take too much to talk her into a cherry pie. 🙂 She loves to use that rolling pin, I think!

  4. True. But it isn’t a lack of desire. It is a lack of time. All the cherries are already gone.

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