The holiday weekend didn’t scare off everybody from submitting. Here are the submissions for HANDS:

Cathie Raley

Christopher D. Bennett

Shannon Bardole

I’ve been down to visit the Random Theme Generator for this week’s theme. This is what it gave me:


A look back at last year’s MOTION submissions.

MOTION – 2010

I hope this theme is inspirational for lots of people out there.

6 thoughts on “RWPE Y2 #16 – HANDS”

  1. You forgot the word unsuccessfully.

    Although I’m glad at least somebody figured out what was supposed to be going on in that picture. It is sort of an homage to Dexter and Psycho.

    Since it isn’t blood, I was hoping it would look like blood.

    It is chocolate syrup, which is what they used for blood in Psycho.

  2. That is the “scariest” looking knife I own. Also the best knife I own. I wonder if there is a connection there.

    I also figured taking the picture in my bathroom would help over taking the picture in the kitchen.

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