I spent the last weekend in Manhattan, Kansas and accomplished all of my goals for that trip:

1. Witness an Iowa State victory.
2. Eat Nate’s cooking.
3. Eat a Varsity Donut.
4. Get to the top of Manhattan Hill.
5. Get to the top of KS Hill.

I have new goals for my next trip to Manhattan, but I’ll share those after I go there.

But we should really focus on Goal #5. Get to the top of KS Hill. I don’t know a lot about the city of Manhattan, but based on their landmarks, it was founded by people that like making large concrete letters.

On one side of the river is a giant MANHATTAN made out of the concrete letters. On the other side of the river is a giant KS. Also made out of concrete letters.

The picture below is the view from on top of the giant KS.

My return trip to Manhattan will involve warmer weather and better planning on my part. This view from KS Hill is just one of many things in Manhattan that I want to photograph at night.


ISO: 100
DATE: 01/15/2016 – 11:49

5 thoughts on “KS”

  1. There is also this really cool 50s looking diner with a cool neon sign. It is up against a bluff, so it actually looks like it was lifted from California.

    Definitely photographing that on the next trip.

  2. I love neon signs. I need to get a tripod out when I use them, though, so that I can do a longer exposure.

  3. It is called Vista Drive In. You should Google it so that you can see what its sign looks like.

    A very sweet retro feel to it.

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