Glass Packs

I took this picture from the back deck of the lodge where we spent a plurality of our time during the 2016 Youth Group Retreat. I took this picture after we had set up the prayer stations and while we were waiting for the kids to return from their outdoor worship service.

While I do enjoy this picture, I wish I wouldn’t have been dinking around on the back of the deck because all of the excitement was in the front. A couple of wannabe toughs drove by our site revving their car engine really loud with their lights off. Let me tell you, the intimidation factor was at least a 10.

Until, the other male chaperon, Corey walked out of the shadows and up to them and knocked on their car window. They screamed like little school girls. Then drove off into the night. Never to be seen or heard from again.


ISO: 100
APERTURE: UNRECORDED (But probably f/22)
EXPOSURE TIME: 618 seconds
DATE: 03-05-16 21:39
LATITUDE: 42.12372°
LONGITUDE: – 93.93404°

4 thoughts on “Glass Packs”

  1. He did not.

    That is why I wish I was up there. With the current state of my beard, my general size, and if I would’ve been wearing flannel. I’m pretty sure I could’ve got those kids to wet themselves.

  2. Actually, one kid, after screaming like a little girl. Got out of the car and told Corey he was going to have him arrested for harassment.

    Before getting back in the car and driving off. Corey followed them on foot for a little bit.

    The thing is that we were hoping they would come back so that the Sheriff could have a conversation with them for trespassing. But to no avail.


  3. I am pretty sure seeing you in the dark would have caused them to pass out. That would have been amazing. $5 says that they were bragging about how awesome they were 20 minutes later on a message board or something.

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