Bethany and Dae Hee recently brought forth new life into this world. Nate, Laura, Jim and rolled up I-35 (or 35 Interstate in Kansan) and visited little Nora Olivia Yoon.

I don’t normally post pictures of people in the hospital, but I’ll make an exception, this one time.

Here is Nora:

Nate is unpictured because there was a limit of 3 people in the NICU at a time and I was never in there with him.

I should point out that to be allowed in the NICU with Nora, you had to have your flu shot. I was never so happy that my Mom’s incessant nagging to get my flu shot actually paid dividends. Nate, Laura, and Jim had to scramble the day before we went up to get theirs. Meanwhile, I was kicking back with Carla taking pictures of the remains of the Wagon Wheel Bridge.

Oh wait. I forgot I have some cruddy phone pictures to share as well. You can see Nate’s arm in one of those.

Dae Hee’s interpretation of child birth!

I’m going up to visit Nora again this weekend, so there might just be more Nora pictures in your future… you lucky dog!

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