There is an old timey hamburger joint in Manhattan (Kansas) that I want to photograph at night at some point. On my recent trip to visit Nate, I was never in Manhattan at night. So it didn’t happen.

However, I did scout the area out and took a few test photos. Maybe a few months down the road I’ll post the photo that this scouting trip helped make possible.

Here are some scouting photos:

A Kansas State area restaurant that calls their desserts Cyclones? I get your subliminal message Vista Drive In. Loud and clear!

8 thoughts on “Pre-Work”

  1. Have you read the comments on the week’s WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE post?

  2. Soooooo, I totally got busted. 🙂 I shouldn’t pick photos of people I don’t know!

  3. When you are commissioned to do that work, it is called Candid Photography.

  4. Why would someone need gravy with chicken strips, and what type of gravy are we talking about?

  5. That is an excellent question. I haven’t actually eaten there so I don’t know the kind of gravy. My guess is chicken gravy.

    Why is that a thing to do? You got me. Seems like some kind of crazy Kansan thing to do.

    Of the last couple of years, I’ve learned there are lots of crazy Kansan things that people do.

    Like they say the number of the highway before the word highway.

    “To get to Wamgeo, you are going to want to take 24 Highway.”

    It is a state that has issues.

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