5 thoughts on “Soy un Perdedor”

  1. Another very solid batch of losers.

    I’m thinking about taking Alice to the Library in the Capitol Building a couple of Mondays from now and trying to get some shots. Have you ever gone in there? I guess it’s just lovely.

  2. It is a lovable rag-tag group of losers. I’m pretty sure that in the end, they will come together as a team, maximize their strengths, and beat the rich kids in the camp across the lake.

    I haven’t been in there since I was a kid and we went there on a field trip. Strangely, I’ve also been thinking about visiting the Capitol lately.

    The Drake Law Library is supposed to be pretty magnificent as well. Almost as magnificent as Iowa State’s beautiful campus!

    When I was down in the East Village on Saturday, I ran into this lady that was seriously tweaking out bad. I’m not sure what she was on, but it was quite a bit stronger than alcohol or marijuana. We had a 1-2 minute conversation where I understood a handful of words.

    She had been kicked out of 1 bar and at the end, she walked into a different bar. Somewhere along the way I offended her greatly though. But she probably just mistook me for one of the demons in her head.

  3. You’ll have to let me know if you make the trek to the Capitol. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Drake Law Library, I’ll have to go and silently judge them against ISU.

    I’m shocked that she understood any of your words enough to be offended. Tweakers really freak me out, because they’re so unpredictable. While I do enjoy some randomness and unpredictability in my interactions, the latent possibility for danger isn’t really high up on my list.

  4. I don’t know that I’ll be going any time soon, since they aren’t open on weekends. I hold onto my PTO like it was money. Actually I’m much better with PTO than I am with money.

    Which just reminded me that I need to make my car payment today. Stupid being an adult and having bills and responsibilities!

    But I’ll try to hit it next time I take a week of vacation.

    I don’t really care about the danger element of dealing with “enhanced” people. But they do annoy the piss out of me.

    She also thought I was somebody else from the bar where she had just gotten kicked out. Because what words I could understand revolved around what I had witnessed in that bar, that I was never in.

  5. I’m also better with PTO than money. In theory, they should be used the same (used in units, saved until you need that unit, etc.), so I’m not sure why I am much freer with money. Thank goodness Jon is our bill-payer, so I don’t have to be an adult.

    I think that being short is probably part of why the danger element bothers me. I’m not exactly intimidating. I do also get annoyed – I don’t find the “oh, he/she is drunk/high/ridiculous” funny. It’s sad, and dangerous, and just all around sort of pathetic. But that is me wearing my Judgey McJudgerson hat.

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