A Photo Journal – Henry Carroll – Page 115

Here is your reminder that you should get up on your FEET and take your WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE PHOTO, the theme this week is FEET:


A reminder that a FEET picture is any photo that involves FEET!

Happy photo harvesting!


A few weeks back I got together with Shannon for supper. We dined at Downtown Deli and I regaled her with stories about the mission trip. After dinner, we went out and tried to tackle another page from THE PHOTO JOURNAL PROJECT. We started on one page, but in the end, we ended up on Page 115:

Photo Journal - Page 115
Page 115 – Combine two images to create something surreal.

Longtime fans of mine know that I’m about creating something surreal. This exercise was right up my alley!

We took a few other pictures and while only one can be adhered into the physical copy of THE PHOTO JOURNAL, I should share a few of the others that were under consideration:

Page 115 - Reject

Page 115 - Reject

Page 115 - Reject

Page 115 - Reject

Page 115 - Reject

Page 115 - Reject

Next time we check in with THE PHOTO JOURNAL PROJECT, we will check in with Page 96.

2 thoughts on “A Photo Journal – Henry Carroll – Page 115”

  1. Are any of the other photos from that night going to be published? Like photos of me standing on a piece of artwork feeling uncomfortable?

  2. I don’t know that I’ll publish those at this point, but I will send them to you at some point.

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