3 thoughts on “Art is a Lie…”

  1. I love the graffiti on the doors, meters, and so on in the alley there between Downtown and 6th. I took Alice’s birthday photos there this year because it is so fun and different. These are gorgeous – my art committee selects and governs the AAOSE sculptures here, and you did an amazing job capturing them.

  2. What is AAOSE? What will it take to get some of my personal sculpture on display?

    One of the best things about the Chicago Northwestern becoming Union Pacific and then merging with the Southern Pacific is that the graffiti on trains going through town has quite improved.

    I’m sure there is a song about watching graffiti on freight trains in a small Midwestern town.

  3. Sorry! Ames Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit. You JUST missed this year’s deadline (1/15), and I know you’re joking, but you totally could submit if you want and get it considered for display. 🙂 Or if you know anyone who does sculptures. Maybe don’t suggest this to the guy north of Boone on the way to the Scout camp who has the effigy of Hillary in a prison.

    Jon and I have a long-standing discussion about how impressive it is that the train graffiti is so very rarely graphic.

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