One Question IQ Test

There are probably only two people out there that understand what this is all about. That is okay, I’m really writing this because I need to vent some frustration (which has actually already dissipated) and because I borrowed something from Jay to make this possible and if I didn’t go through with it, this episode would have ended up just like when I bugged Jay until he went out to the Harrier Wildlife Management Area to take the picture below, but never actually wrote the blog that was supposed to go with this picture.


Yes this picture has been censored because it is too hot for the world wide web.

What lies below is a One Question IQ Test. For the sake of this IQ question I ask that you suspend disbelief and pretend that the knife is a really scary knife and the gun isn’t a plastic toy gun with the orange safety cap colored black but a really scary gun.

One Question IQ Test

Question 1:

IQ Test

Of the three items, which one is not like the other:

A. The gun, because killing people with a knife or a camera is a long drawn out process that gets pretty messy.
B. The knife, because killing people with a knife is quiet and killing people with a gun or a camera would make a lot of noise.
C. The camera, because it isn’t a WEAPON!!!!
D. It is a trick question. They are all the same. They are just instruments of hobbies and are perfectly safe to take anywhere. For example, a child’s birthday party.

If I have to tell you the answer to the question, you have failed the test.