New Function . . . Slightly New Look

I have added one new function to “An Artist’s Notebook”. When you get to the bottom of a journal entry (sometimes known as a blog posting) you will see a little envelope on the right hand side next to the “Comments” link. If you click on that envelope, it will take you to a screen where you can e-mail that journal entry to anybody that your little heart desires.

Also, I’m changing around and experimenting with the background color and the text color. I’m trying to make it easier to read. I know that white text on a black background can be a bit taxing on the eyes over time and I don’t want any of my “fans” going blind. At least not on my account. So, this blog might start to look funky as I start making changes and making experiments.

The most likely end result is a gray background with black print. I like using gray because it reminds of a gray card. Plus I don’t want to make a drastic departure from the rest of the website.

Eventually I want to add one of those counter things to the website so I can know for sure whether or not I exist in a vacuum or if there are actually people out there that read this stuff. I need to know this because after I get my MySpace blog up to 10,000 hits, I’m most likely just going to let that blog fester and only post things over here. That is if I can establish some empirical evidence that this does in fact really have some readers besides those not on MySpace.

Or to quote the immortal William “One Shot” Beaudine: “You mean someone out there is actually waiting to see this?”

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