Sunday was an interesting day for me.

I started the day as a greeter for church. There were a couple unique events at church on Sunday. 4 of the churches in the area combined choirs and toured their churches. One of the other 4 churches is the Central Christian Church, so it was a rare Sunday that I got to see my grandma sing.

She is in the lower left side. She is the one that looks like my Mom. I should point out that this picture was taking during rehearsal. Normally those pews are filled up.

Lowell’s youngest Holden was baptized.

Lowell’s family with Phil

Plus I’m throwing up a bonus image of the Jesus and rice that Andrea used during Children’s Time.

A small group of us, (I will now call them my Inner Sanctum) went to the House of Bricks to see Shawn’s band Act of Gravity. They put on a good show despite not being aided by the sound guy.

There was a pretty sweet moment when Shawn was rocking the drums so hard the banner for the Albino Spiders came partially unfurled.

After Act of Gravity was done, a carnival act performed. They billed the dude as a fire eater, but I’m not convinced that I couldn’t have duplicated the same act.

He put either a sugar cookie or a pineapple (although to me it looked like pound cake) in 151 then lit it on fire and ate it. It wasn’t all that impressive.

The other interesting thing about the fire eater was that he was dressed like a drag queen, but had put enough makeup on to look like a mime. Very interesting.

After the hard rocking show, we were joined by a few other friends (that I will now refer to as my Inner Circle) at Hu Hot. I think an enjoyable time was had by most and it set up what I was hoping would be an enjoyable Memorial Day.