Des Moines Art

I went down to the Des Moines Art Center for the first time since maybe the 6th grade on Saturday.

I met Stephanie and her friend Katie down there. I was impressed with the collection that Des Moines has and was doubly impressed that it was free. We had about 2 hours to spend in the museum and I don’t think that it was enough time. I think I’ll have to go back there again in the future so I can spend more time with certain pieces.

I found plenty of pieces that I loved and plenty of pieces that I hated, so by my definition it was a successful trip.

Like most art museums, they don’t let cameras inside, but below are a few pictures from outside the museum.

Looking at the pictures I took I’m reminded of the old quote:

“Art is man’s nature. Nature is God’s art.”

I did find a very cool non-art thing at the Art Center, but it seems that most people with whom I share this find, in turn have a reaction that ranges between revulsion and apathy. I’ll keep that find quiet for now.