Slice of Life Vol. 186

A wide variety in this collection AND it officially finishes off another photo album!

I consider this to be the greatest picture of the Herricks ever taken!

On the back of this picture are the words: Teresa first me born. No clue what that means.

I have no clue who these people are, but I’m pretty sure they are awesome!

I wonder if this is a picture of when President McKinley visited Boone.

Up next, a whole new photo album.

5 thoughts on “Slice of Life Vol. 186”

  1. I guess that makes sense. It is hard to see Stan and Marlene in the picture though. I guess if I think about them a little bit I can see it.

  2. That is definitely Stan and Marlene! Although I have seen quite a few photos of them at that age around here. I will make sure Stan and Chris get to see this today!

  3. Stan says that photo was taken in the fall shortly after he bought that car for $2650 down in Adel. Chris says they used that photo for their Christmas card that year. They both got a big kick out of seeing it!

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