The Bravest Act

As many of you may know, the historic Wagon Wheel Bridge recently collapsed after being damaged by ice dams.

Carla and I went out there to take a looksie. Here is one of the photos from that trip:

Wagon Wheel Fallen

Some of you may be wondering why I’m not wishing you guys a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Listen, I’m for just about any holiday. Even one that is designed to mock the Irish for having the genetic predisposition for alcoholism. Mock away, I say.

But today, the Iowa State Cyclones battle the Gaels of Iona in the NCAA tournament.

I wish for nothing but sadness for anything that is remotely Gaelic.

I will mock (celebrate) the Irish tomorrow. By eating a Reuben. Which was invented by a Lithuanian in Nebraska, but is somehow now considered Irish food. Whatever.


No particulars today. I’m lazy.

2 thoughts on “The Bravest Act”

  1. Yeah. Very sad. I’m sure the collapse isn’t over if it gets hit by a tree or something large.

    I haven’t heard of any plans to clean it up yet.

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