5 thoughts on “Now I Know I Should Say No”

  1. Yep. It was in the 4-H Building at the Iowa State Fair. Unfortunately, they had placed the ribbon on top of it, so I couldn’t get a full picture.

    Where was your photo? I didn’t even get the “family member X was sick this week” email!

  2. That was a great idea for a project, very moving.

    Smartass! No, nobody was sick – it’s just been brutal on the weekends lately. I had a couple of photo sessions of toddlers last weekend. This weekend I’ve got a PTA event and an engagement session, as well as our major upgrade at work on the same day as Charlie’s birthday. So I’m hoping to be able to get a photo off – the PTA event is an ice cream social, surely someone will get mad.

  3. It isn’t actually moving. They were glued down.

    PTA. Well, haters gonna hate.

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