The Postcard Recreation Project – Teddy Roosevelt

A few months back Jen sent me a text message out of the blue suggesting that I should try to recreate (update) old postcards. It seems like a perfect fit for me, since I might be the last person on the world who really loves postcards and even occasionally sends them and loves to get them (hint! hint!).

I made sort of a test run recently of the Teddy Roosevelt statue in McHose Park. Have a look:

Teddy Roosevelt Statue - McHose Park - Original
The Original

Teddy Roosevelt Statue - McHose Park - Recreation
The Recreation

I’m not going to toot my horn that this was a resounding success. I do have a 100% commitment to the truth, but I did learn a lot from this first run. I’m excited to put this new knowledge to the test in the nearish future.

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