Selfie Project – April

Seems like a good time to share my favorite pictures from THE SELFIE PROJECT from April.

I’ve been trying to be more interesting with the pictures, or at least more interesting with my life, since it felt like in January and February I didn’t do anything.

I don’t know if I’m accomplishing that or not, but at least in the month of
April I did leave the Cyclone State once. So that is something.

Here are my favorites from April:

April 1, 2019
April 1

April 3, 2019
April 3

April 5, 2019
April 5

April 6, 2019
April 6

April 7, 2019
April 7

April 8, 2019
April 8

April 9, 2019
April 9

April 12, 2019
April 12

April 14, 2019
April 14

April 16, 2019
April 16

April 17, 2019
April 17

April 18, 2019
April 18

April 19, 2019
April 19

April 21, 2019
April 21

April 23, 2019
April 23

April 24, 2019
April 24

April 27, 2019
April 27

April 28, 2019
April 28

April 30, 2019
April 30

As of this writing, I haven’t taken my picture for today, but my May 1 picture does involve a giant check, so May is shaping up to be quite the month!

7 thoughts on “Selfie Project – April”

  1. I consider it a great start to May that you are wise enough not to badmouth Chicken and Waffles cereal for a 2nd time.

  2. I admittedly am not a fan of regular chicken and waffles for breakfast – chicken is not congruent with breakfast!

  3. Your limited palette does sadden me. It must stymie some of the joy in your travels.

    You really just can’t afford to be that dogmatic in you culinary thoughts. Get out there and try something new!

    Perhaps you just have never had good chicken and waffles. We don’t do it well up here. But next time you travel south, do yourself a favor and order some up. It is one of the things the people in the south do well. Along with voting against their own interests.

    In particular, if you end up in Manhattan, Kansas (not really the south I realize) go to Bourbon & Baker and get their chicken and waffles. Absolutely amazing! It is a tapas restaurant, so you’ll want to order one just for yourself.

    Sharing is not congruent with chicken and waffles.

  4. It may shock you that I had to drag Mom kicking and screaming into trying a bunch of new foods when we were in Italy – she’d only ever had pizza and lasagna (which I think is Americanized Italian) in her previous travels there. I do have a somewhat limited palate – but it’s remarkable that I try as much as I do given how I grew up!

    I don’t think I’ve ever had good ones, though. And I will absolutely try it at other times of day – I’m not a big meat person for breakfast. I don’t have pizza for breakfast (unless it’s Casey’s breakfast pizza), but love it at other times of day. It takes my stomach a while to wake up, I think! I definitely haven’t had it in the south. I could try that easily mid-afternoon!

  5. Not a big fan of meat for breakfast? I love me some sausage for breakfast. Patties more than links. But a delicious breakfast burrito with sausage or biscuits and gravy.

    I am a firm believer that bacon is overrated, but I will still take down some bacon.

    I pretty much breakfast every Saturday morning at Whistle Stop. Get the #7: Pancakes with a side of sausage patties and eggs over easy. Although I will also sometimes substitute for the Western Omelette add mushrooms with sourdough toast. 1 piece grape jelly. The other piece strawberry.

    If Whistle Stop is too busy, I will end up at Rooster’s. Their food is good, but their service is usually AWFUL. I get their sausage breakfast burrito with the salsa on the side.

    Chocolate milk is the drink of choice, of course. Something I have learned in my travels is that it is nearly impossible to get good chocolate milk outside of the state of Iowa. Even in Minnesota, it is garbage.

    It doesn’t surprise me about your Mom. Tell her that I only eat pizza and lasagna and that might motivate her to try something new.

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