I Scream: Monroe Field Work

Today is Jorge’s birthday! So happy birthday Jorge!

2016 Birthday Party Invite

I mean, anybody willing to pose for a picture like this deserves to have an amazing birthday!


A few weeks back Carla, Teresa, and I drove to What Cheer, Iowa to hit up their flea market. The original plan was just to hit up the concession stand at the flea market, but by the time we made the rounds everybody seemed to feel that eating in a place with air conditioning was the actual better plan.

What Cheer isn’t flush with restaurants, so we drove to Oskaloosa and ate at Tasos’. I have eaten there before, so it doesn’t really qualify as a new food adventure. But I thought I would share a picture of the small pizza I got there and knocked down.

Pizza is Power: Tasos Steakhouse

Pizza is Power: Tasos Steakhouse

This is the House Special. It has pepperoni, sausage, beef, Canadian bacon, green pepper, onion, and mushroom. The small pizza ran me $16.00. A medium is $17.50 and a large is $19.00. It was delicious and I definitely recommend Tasos’ if you are ever in Oskaloosa or the Oskaloosa area. They have much more than just pizza.

But the real point of this post is Jersey Freeze in Monroe. Full disclosure: I have been to Jersey Freeze a few times. So this technically also isn’t a new food adventure. However, Micky claims that I have been doing Jersey Freeze wrong. He claims you have to order the the Van & BonBon Jersey Freezer.

Here is how I order my ice cream, and feel free to take notes:

1. If they have hard ice cream, hard ice cream in a waffle cone. If they don’t have hard ice cream, go to #2.
2. If the employees working the ice cream stand appear to be high-speed, order a malt. My go to is raspberry, but sometimes I’ll zag and go cherry or blueberry or peanut butter or banana or chocolate. If the employees don’t look super adept, go to #3.
3. IF the employees don’t look like masters of their craft, order a shake. The reason for this is that sometimes an unskilled ice cream employee can burn a malt. Too much malt powder is not a good thing. If they don’t have shakes for some reason, go to #4.
4. Order a Blizzard. But since Dairy Queen has the trademark on the term “Blizzard” on lock, order whatever this mom and pop ice cream palace calls theirs. In Iowa, Cyclones is a popular substitute name for obvious reasons. At Dairy Freeze, they call their “Blizzards” Jersey Freezers. I’m all over the map on these, but something that had peanut butter and chocolate is always good. Nay, always great! But if I’m feeling cheap, go to #5.
5. Soft-serve ice cream. However, under no circumstances do you order Flavor Burst ice cream. Flavor Burst is an abomination and should be stricken from the face of the earth.

But because Micky rarely (but sometimes) steers me wrong, I thought I would give this Van & Bonbon Jersey Freeze a shot. I have no clue what Van & Bonbon is. I grew up in a blue collar house where we didn’t have fufu flavors like Van & Bonbon.

Here are some pictures:

I Scream: Jersey Freeze

I Scream: Jersey Freeze

I Scream: Jersey Freeze

I Scream: Jersey Freeze

I Scream: Jersey Freeze

I Scream: Jersey Freeze

I Scream: Jersey Freeze

I Scream: Jersey Freeze

I got the medium which ran me $5.50 plus tax. I’m not sure what was in there really. There were little candies that I think were bonbons (blue collar background, I don’t know about these rich people candies) and a metric ton of fudge. It was good. I mean it is ice cream. It is like the quote from TED LASSO:

Ice cream is the best. It’s kinda like seeing Billy Joel perform live. Never disappoints.”

But with no apologies to Micky, I’m going to stick with my go to at Jersey Freeze. A raspberry malt. He can have the fufu flavors.

Jersey Freeze has a cool history. This is from their website (jerseyfreezemonroe.com):

In 1992, brothers Brad and Lynn Donahue were sitting around one day, hungry for some ice cream. That’s when the idea struck them….Monroe needed an ice cream store. So in May of 1992 Jersey Freeze opened in a custom built building next to Monroe Foods in downtown Monroe. The new store had one ice cream machine and one cash register.

Where did JERSEY FREEZE come from? To answer that question, we need to look to some 1950 history. A couple by the name of Ethyl and Everett Tyrrell operated the original Jersey Freeze in a small (12 X 12) building that sat on the NE corner of the square in Monroe.

In the early 1970’s the Tyrrell Jersey Freeze fell victim to “progress” when Highway 14 was widened to 4 lanes and took out JF.

Rumor has it that Everett raised Jersey cows and that’s how the name JERSEY FREEZE originated. Since the Donahue ice cream store was within a few feet of the original JF site, the name was a natural.

Brad and Lynn contacted Mrs. Roy (Mary) Tyrrell Cupples in Nebraska and asked for her permission to use the Jersey Freeze name. She thought that was a great idea. The name is now owned by and registered to Donahue Bros. Inc.

By 2000, Jersey Freeze had outgrown their building. Since Highway 163 was being re-routed south of Monroe, a location near the 163 and Highway 14 intersection seemed like the place to be. In July 2000 Jersey Freeze No. 2 opened for business in a new building on the corner of Highway 14 and County Line Road.

In 2005 the original downtown location was closed. Donahue Bros still owns the building and it is occupied by ALL ABOUT PIES.

By 2014 Jersey Freeze had outgrown the second building and in the fall of 2014, construction began on the newest Jersey Freeze building located just across the highway from store #2, between Casey’s and Subway. On April 17, 2015 Jersey Freeze opened in their new building.

Popular features of the new store include the drive up window, a larger parking lot, a larger canopy seating area, and new menu items which include the pie Jersey Freezer made with pie from ALL ABOUT PIES, seven flavors of THELMA’S Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Smoothies.

Employees enjoy the spacious work area and more serving windows.

Lynn Donahue is the owner of Jersey Freeze. Kelsey LaZella and Lainy Wilson assist him in managing the store.

I’m definitely going to be looking into this whole pie situation very soon!

Jersey Freeze can be found here:

Highway 14 South
Monroe, Iowa

My food adventure rating system is:
+ Would I pursue it.
+ Would I eat there again.
+ Would I only eat there again if it was for somebody’s birthday and this is where they want to eat.
+ Would I skip a friend’s birthday if they chose to celebrate it there.
+ Would I hope it burns down.

Jersey Freeze is definitely a place I would pursue.

Next Sunday’s food adventure will involve a food truck and sending a message to all the fishies at Ada Haydn.