It’s Dollars to Doughnuts!

Here are some general pictures from my recent trips to the Iowa State Fair with Baby Got Rack, Stephanie, Kelly, Yin, Jeff, and the Beavers!

I was going to tell this story about the New Jersey woman I met that was just the worst. Like all people from New Jersey. But at this time I think it is just enough to point out that people from New Jersey are the worst.

If I get motivated, I might leave the story in the COMMENTS section of this here post later.

So without further adieu…

It was a successful Iowa State Fair. Next year, I might unretire and enter the Photo Contest again. Of course, I said that about Pufferbilly Days as well and decided that it just wasn’t for me this year.

2 thoughts on “It’s Dollars to Doughnuts!”

  1. Is it weird that, while they are all great, I think I might like the garlic best? Or the “Studies in Animal Snouts/Noses” selection?

  2. You like what you like. I don’t consider anything to be weird.

    My actual favorite is the pig tail, but pig snout is up there.

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