Critter Sunday

One of the new things that our new pastor (Doug) brought to our church in an animal blessing ceremony. On Sunday, you could bring your pet to church or email a picture of your pet and the church blessed your pet.

I took Naima to the service and she handled as well as she does. Kio wanted pictures for the Boone News Republican taken of the service. So while I did that, Summer (from our Youth Group) handled Naima. They even went on a walk.

While Naima was getting blessed, Teresa took the photos.

Here are some photos from Critter Sunday:

It was an interesting experience for Naima. When she has been in the church in the past, she hasn’t had to be on a leash and has been able to slam into people as hard as she wants. She obviously couldn’t slam into people on Sunday.

This is a great new tradition. I hope a lot more people come to it next year.

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  1. It was a little stressful too. I was worried she would take an old person out.

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