11 thoughts on “I Lost My Nerve”

  1. I still love that outhouse.

    The image that’s very detailed (HDR, maybe?) of the creek with the swirly banks is amazing.

  2. There isn’t any HDR on the creek photo. The only photo in this set with any HDR trickery is the dump truck. I found that scene in a part of Boone County I don’t frequent very often. North and east of Boone. Very pretty up there.

    If my career as a surprise urinal photographer never takes off, maybe I’ll consider outhouse photography. The hashtag #outhousesofinstagram has a disturbingly low number of entries at this point.

  3. Well, the creek one looks amazing for not being HDR. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever frequented much NE of Boone, other than taking that road up there that is the backroad to Ames. (I don’t forget the road number.)

    I don’t have a lot of exposure to outhouses (pun unintended?), but I will try and contribute to that hashtag. It seems pivotal.

  4. That hashtag could change the world. It is always a pleasure when I stumble across an outhouse. Last year ran into one at a cemetery up in Frasier area. It wasn’t functioning though. It made me sad.

    Near Mackie there is this weird information booth that looks kind of like an outhouse. Only the sides are all clear. When we go on that photo road trip, might have to be one of the stops.

  5. Wait. How exactly does an outhouse stop functioning? I need more details here.

    That sounds AMAZING. But – so, like, it’s a Jetsons tube in which people excrete bodily waste? I am so fascinated with this.

  6. There is no hole in the ground. It is like the outhouse used to be over a hole and they just moved it and didn’t dig another hole. They put it in a corner of the cemetery with the door facing the fence. I don’t think they want people using it.

    The Jetson’s tube doesn’t have any outhouse equipment on the inside. The outside is just designed to look like an outhouse.

  7. These are both incredibly interesting decisions, because there’s just so much room for this to go against how they intended it. Which would lead to a spectacular mess.

  8. That is AMAZING. Old reclaimed windows being used to make something totally rustic, beautiful, and utterly useless.

  9. It does hold historical information on Mackey, so it isn’t completely useless. It is as useful as historical information on Mackey is. Which I guess most people would argue is useless.

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