The Mine: An American Workplace

I recently had a sale in the Photography 139 Gallery. Thanks to Amy for purchasing 16 pictures from the gallery.

16 pictures! Suck on that Vincent van Gogh!

I don’t mention it very often, but almost every picture is for sale in the Photography 139 Gallery. Prices are only a hair above cost and you can buy things besides prints. You can buy key tags, cups. cards, coasters, ceramic tiles, ornaments, and whole bunch of other stuff.

If you are ever interested, you can check out the gallery here:

Photography 139 Gallery

Then click on “Buy Photos” that is above the picture on the right.

I’ not saying go buy some photos, but I don’t mention that it is something you can do very often.


20 work from home days in the book. This week I found myself, not exactly fantasizing, but thinking about future vacations. I’m at a point where when we got the okay to go back to the office, I want to take the next 3 weeks off. I’m not sure they’d let me, but I’m ready. Ready for what, I have no clue.

My listening habits were the same this week. I’m up to Track #748 on the Master Playlist.

Track #748 is “You’re the Best Around” by Joe Esposito. Otherwise known as the montage song during the tournament scene of THE KARATE KID. A true banger if there ever was one.

I have eliminated a few songs from the Master Playlist. Either the recording quality wasn’t good enough, or it turns out, I don’t really like the song that much:

“Tell Me Lies” – Fleetwood Mac
“Hold On Loosely” – .38 Special
“Sister Christian” – Night Ranger
“Demons” – Imagine Dragons
“Roots” – Imagine Dragons
“And We Danced” – Macklemore

I don’t know that I’ve discovered any more positives with social distancing life, but I did discover that none of my smoke detectors work. Something I wouldn’t have discovered if I was working on so many cleaning projects. A new one arrived today and if I like it, I’ll buy a second one for the basement. Although I don’t know what the criteria would be for smoke detector that I don’t like would be.


The show I have been binge watching while social distancing is THE OFFICE. I watched the show from its inception, but stopped during the writer’s strike and never got back to it.

I have officially completed all 9 seasons and somewhere during the middle of the 9th season it dawned on me, why deep inside I decided to start back up on this show. It isn’t because it is great, but it is great. I think I was drawn to it because… I’m starting to miss my co-workers.

I thought I would share a few images of my co-workers. Every year I am charged with taking the Computer Mine Holiday Card photos.

It secretly is one of my favorite secondary responsibilities I have. I even enjoy hearing the exact people give me the exact same complaint about “why can’t they just use last year’s photo”.

Here are some pictures from last year’s photo shoots of people that either subscribe to this here blog or appear in it somewhat frequently:

2019  Computer Mine Holiday Card

2019  Computer Mine Holiday Card

2019  Computer Mine Holiday Card

2019  Computer Mine Holiday Card

2019  Computer Mine Holiday Card

2019  Computer Mine Holiday Card

2019  Computer Mine Holiday Card

2019  Computer Mine Holiday Card

2019  Computer Mine Holiday Card

2019  Computer Mine Holiday Card

I’ll see you guys again. Sometime soon!

11 thoughts on “The Mine: An American Workplace”

  1. I just restarted The Office yesterday for similar reasons. That abnormal normalcy gets us through the day.

    I have made multiple playlists during this time, including a monster “Quarantine Playlist” with sickness relevant titles. It isn’t in the greatest taste, but is mundane amusement.

    Hope you are doing well!

  2. I’m doing okay. I try not get stuck watching the news much because I thought my hatred of MAGAts couldn’t get stronger. Then open the country protesters come along and give that hatred a giant shot of steroids.

  3. An old high school friend was just posting on Facebook this weekend about #NoNewNormal, which I then looked up, and was instantly enraged at vaccine-denying morons somehow making this all even worse.

  4. I’m just going to say, serves you right for going on Facebook. Seriously. F*ck Facebook.

    But I guess I’ll give you some respect for continuing to fight in that arena.

    For the most part, I have always found conspiracy theories entertaining and easily debunked. For the most part I’ve always thought that they were a fringe that was amusing, but harmless. If you want to believe the Earth is flat, it isn’t, but good on you bro. Think that there was more than gunman that shot Kennedy, there isn’t a single scrap of physical of evidence to suggest that, but do you bro.

    However, there were always 2 that I had no tolerance for. Holocaust deniers and anti-vaxxers. I loathe anti-vaxxers with the fire of a thousand suns.

    Now that Q has become a thing and anti-vaxxers are becoming a greater and greater threat to public health I’m having to re-evaluate whether or not conspiracy theorists are just harmless fun.

    Listen, I’m sorry that you think your kid’s autism was caused by vaccines. It wasn’t. The reason that autism diagnoses have went up with vaccines (if they have) is because the understanding of the condition has went up exponentially. Do you want to go back to the days when we just locked everybody up on the County Farm that didn’t fit into the 1950s definition of normal?

    That is a rhetorical question, because most Trumpkins probably do want that.

  5. That is the exact argument that I have with my dad. I don’t know if he really believes that they are causing autism, but he says that “the data seems to suggest it.” Autism rates also “increased” around the same time the Walkman was invented. But nobody is pointing at that. It’s because it just wasn’t diagnosed before; autistic children were considered the “different” kid in class and that was it. No treatment, no identification. His wife has a doctorate in special ed. I don’t get it – he is an incredibly smart man, but OMG.

  6. Does he listen to right wing propaganda like FoxNews or OAN or talk radio?

    One of the great public services a person can do is just remove those things from his environment. Saw a great documentary on that one time.

    A daughter just took FoxNews off her dad’s television. Then his radio broke. He slowly became a un-brainwashed. He returned to the person he was before he started listening to that stuff.

  7. Talk radio, you nailed it. He started listening to Rush ironically in the 90s while driving so much for work, to make fun of it. And I think slowly it started seeping in. I might see if I can jimmy his car radio next time I’m in there – maybe I can break AM somehow. That would be amazing if I could somehow get him to stop listening to that crap – it’s just straight-up poison. I love that documentary – I may have to look it up and show it to Dad!

  8. I’ve not seen it – I’ll rent it for sure! I will see if I can have Dad come over and watch.

  9. Have you ever seen the Jenna Fischer directed movie LOLLILOVE?

    It is very THE OFFICE. It is about an hour long and it is on Amazon Prime right now.

  10. No, I’ve heard of it but never seen it! I’ll for sure look it up – I can probably stream it while working, even. Thank you!

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