I recently drove through Carroll County to harvest all the signs in Carroll that I was missing. I didn’t run across any interesting historical markers in Carroll County, so might as well just get straight to it.

Here is a look at the Carroll County Photo Map. Once again, the boundaries of Carroll County are approximate at best:

Carroll County Photo Map
Carroll County Photo Map

And with Carroll County completed, this is the updated Photography 139 Conquest Map:

Town Sign Project - 9 Counties

Here are the towns signs of Carroll County (Population Stats from 2010 Census):

Carroll, Iowa
Carroll, Iowa
Population: 10,103

Manning, Iowa
Manning, Iowa
Manning – It’s Refreshing!
Population: 1,500

Coon Rapids, Iowa
Coon Rapids, Iowa
Coon Rapids – In the Heart of Corn Country
Population: 1,305

Glidden, Iowa
Glidden, Iowa
Population: 1,146

Arcadia, Iowa
Arcadia, Iowa
Population: 1,146

Breda, Iowa
Breda, Iowa
Welcome To Breda
Population: 483

Templeton, Iowa
Templeton, Iowa
Welcome to Templeton – A Strong Community Spirit
Population: 362

Dedham, Iowa
Dedham, Iowa
Dedham Welcomes You
Population: 266

Halbur, Iowa
Halbur, Iowa
Welcome to Halbur
Population: 246

Lidderdale, Iowa
Lidderdale, Iowa
Population: 180

Lanesboro, Iowa
Lanesboro, Iowa
Welcome to Lanesboro
Population: 121

Willey, Iowa
Willey, Iowa
Population: 88

Ralston, Iowa
Ralston, Iowa
Population: 79

Mt. Carmel, Iowa
Mt. Carmel, Iowa – I don’t even know what Mt. Carmel is, it isn’t listed as an unincorporated community, but it isn’t exactly a ghost town either, but it does exist.

Carrollton, Iowa
Carrollton, Iowa – Ghost Town

It is very obvious that Carroll has the worst town sign in Carroll County, and it isn’t even close. Although Breda’s sign is pretty terrible. As is the sign for Arcadia and Lidderdale.

There are some really good town signs in Carroll County though. Manning has a great sign, but I have no clue why Manning is refreshing. Templeton, also has a great and clever town sign, with the tie in to their local distillery. However, the best town sign in Carroll County is pretty obvious:

Coon Rapids, Iowa
Coon Rapids – Carroll County Best in Show – The best part, that ear of corn spins!!!

Some of these towns did have alternate town signs I’d like to share:

Coon Rapids, Iowa
Coon Rapids – Alternate

Lanesboro, Iowa
Lanesboro – Alternate #1

Lanesboro, Iowa
Lanesboro – Alternate #2

Templeton, Iowa
Templeton – Alternate

Also, while I was on this trip I found an alternate sign for the Greene County sign of Scranton:

Scranton, Iowa
Scranton – Alternate

Here is the current list of Best in Shows:

Moingona, Iowa
Best in Show – Boone County

Scranton, Iowa
Best in Show – Greene County

Collins, Iowa
Best in Show – Story County

Stanhope, Iowa
Best in Show – Hamilton County

Badger, Iowa
Best in Show – Webster County

Dexter, Iowa
Best in Show – Dallas County

Bondurant, Iowa
Best in Show – Polk County

Haverhill, Iowa
Best in Show – Marshall County

Coon Rapids, Iowa
Best in Show – Coon Rapids


Scranton, Iowa
#10. Scranton

Boone, Iowa
#9. Boone

Liscomb, Iowa
#8. Liscomb

Dexter, Iowa
#7. Dexter

Templeton, Iowa
#6. Templeton

Haverhill, Iowa
#5. Haverhill

Farnhamville, Iowa #3 - East Side
#4. Farnhamville

Pilot Mound, Iowa
#3. Pilot Mound

Moingona, Iowa
#2. Moingona

Coon Rapids, Iowa
#1. Coon Rapids

The next county we will visit is Crawford County.


  1. 1. So, not sure how to say it. But the pillars on the side of the Arcadia sign look like weiners.

    2. I sort of wish Templeton mentioned that there’s booze in them there barrels.

    3. That’s amazing that the corn spins. The Coon Rapids sign is definitely best.

  2. So my website is set to automatically close the Comments section on a post when it hits 30 days old because otherwise I sometimes get Spam comments on really old posts. And I don’t like dealing with Spam. I don’t know if there is a way to open up one posts Comments section, but I don’t know it is worth the effort, so I’m going to respond to a Comment you made a on a post that is now over 30 days old here:


    “I think maybe Steve started right toward the end of my tenure? I’ve heard that overnight oats are fantastic. I don’t even eat enough regular oatmeal anymore, I need to. I think dates and figs are related, too? That also sounds right to me. (But I just googled – apparently not, they just dry similarly? ) I think figs are grittier texture and that is why I don’t love them?

    I will have to ask Jon’s brother to see the secret basement if/when we make it up!

    I think that’s probably fair with me – I sort of just let the ones that don’t really matter do whatever comes naturally, if that makes sense. Some of my most important friendships (Kristal, Shannon) are more distant just due to geography and time – but I am also terrible about texting. I’m good at responding, but terrible at initiating. Same with various messenger services. I don’t Facebook much (although I do post stuff for family), I didn’t reinstall Snapchat. Only check Twitter every few days, and usually just for news. I like Instagram a lot, but am not great about updating it or checking it. I like this blog!”

    Steve is a vegan and big time health guy, so I had one of his overnight oats creations once and it was crazy delicious, but when he gave me the recipe, it was also crazy expensive to make. Plus, it involved a date. Dates aren’t the easiest to find in Boone, but Hy-Vee started stocking them on the regular recently. Or a greater possibility is that I stumbled across where they stock dates.

    I was making them for awhile because I was trying to save money on eating out at work. I never made anything as good as Steve though. But haven’t made them forever because I work from home and don’t see the point. That being said, I think they could make a really good road trip snack. Only on the road trips I go on now, I search out Hardee’s for breakfast. Since I only have restaurant food, maybe twice a week. Subway drive-thru. Every other Friday night I order Casey’s pizza. And if I’m town sign harvesting, I might hit a Hardee’s drive-thru for breakfast. Although, sadly, if I’m out late enough for lunch (I usually leave pretty early in the morning and am home by lunch) I might seek out a KFC. I haven’t had KFC in over 3 years now. Maybe longer.

    Now that it is about an hour drive to the first town that I’m harvesting, the trips do take longer. I stopped at a gas station in Dows for lunch last Saturday because I knew the gas station sold Godfather’s pizza. Man, I miss me some Godfather’s. They don’t have an overnight oats flavor though.

    But yes, I have loathed Facebook for years. At this point, I just consider it right-wing propaganda. A half-step above Parler. Or what Parler used to be. Snicker. But Instagram is my favorite to use because it is just pictures. For the most part “memes” are kept to “Stories”, so they aren’t quite as annoying. I use Twitter to see what is going on in the world and then most post stuff I want to see later or don’t want to lose.

    Okay, so Carroll County…

    1. You know, I never noticed the phallic nature of the Arcadia pillars. But you are the second person to mention it. And, so I did go look at them. Yep. Very much like weiners. So maybe I should give that sign more credit.

    2. I think the term “spirit” is as close as you’re going to get to the mention of booze. Although Templeton, Coon Rapids, and Manning is a nice little stretch of towns there. I definitely want to visit them again, once the pandemic is over. Coon Rapids has a sculpture garden. Manning still has a brick main street and some cool German looking buildings. And even though I don’t drink, I would like to visit the Templeton distillery. Plus, they have a nice little downtown.

    3. I know!! I really should’ve gotten some video of it! Maybe next time I’m in the area. As strange as it sounds, the Coon Rapids bowling alley is supposed to have really good food. I’m not sure if it is still open though. It looked pretty closed when I drove by, but maybe looks were deceiving or it will be back after the pandemic. It is going to be hard to top a spinning ear of corn. Is the search over for the best town sign in Iowa?

  3. Comments. Oh do l have comments. That corn sign knocking Moingona from the top spot. That’s is too corny for words. But I will say that ear of corn should be shucked for that. I guess since the Stanhope sign still says Watermelon Days 2017, does that mean there hasn’t been a watermelon day since? As for that Arcadia sign, could the way it’s constructed be interpreted in an entirely and somewhat embarrassing way? Just some random thoughts pulled from I have no idea where.

  4. I knew you would take Moingona knocked from the top spot pretty hard, but it isn’t personal. It is just facts and my commitment to the truth. It will be hard for somebody to knock off the Coon Rapids sign from the top spot, but there are still almost 90 counties to go. I have harvested 2 more counties that are sitting in the hopper, but nothing as great as a spinning ear of corn. I look forward to the pandemic being over, so you can go along on one of the sign harvesting missions.

    The Stanhope sign is a couple of years old, so I’m sure they have updated the year on Watermelon Days.

    You are not the first person to point out the phallic nature of the Arcadia sign. Perhaps it was intentional? If so, I’ll give what is otherwise a pretty boring sign more respect.

    I still need to interview about your uncle in the future.

  5. The only Hardees I’ve had at all recently was up in Ellsworth. We also hit one at a big truck stop on our way to Galva when we buried my grandma’s ashes, just because we needed a moment – maybe in Holstein? I don’t even know where to find a KFC. I assume Des Moines has several. We will occasionally get delivery or drive-thru, just because that is a lot of cooking for Jon in any given week.

    I do enjoy that there’s not as much fluff on Instagram. And I have started watching embroidery videos there because I find it soothing. I know that sounds weird, but watching someone make something from start to finish in fast time is calming.

    1. Sorry to be crass, but it was my first thought. It’s my hope that someone who wanted to not get a corporate sign was put in charge of getting together the brick monstrosity, so they went with weiner sign as a secret middle finger.

    2. I almost never drink, but I’d also enjoy touring the distillery. My parents took us on a wine tour in WI when I was in early high school, which I found inappropriate even at the time, but the science is interesting. I didn’t know Coon Rapids has a sculpture garden? We’ve kicked around something like that here, but didn’t think it was attainable.

    3. No lie, sometimes bowling alleys have secretly awesome fried food. You’re not probably going to find a great Caesar salad or anything there, but I’ve had some great burgers and fries in bowling alleys in my youth. The same has not been true of roller skating rinks, sadly.

  6. Actually got breakfast from the Ellsworth Hardee’s on Saturday. It was actually the worst Hardee’s breakfast I’ve had in a long time, but to be expected as interstate restaurants are usually lower quality. That being said, it was still a tasty breakfast.

    Not gonna judge. People find all sorts of stuff soothing.

    The Coon Bowl has won for either best Burger or Best Tenderloin in the state, but I believe that they have been nominated in both categories. I’ve never went, because a thought Coon Rapids was farther away than it actually is. I think it was about an hour drive from Boone.

    I think there is a KFC in Ankeny. But I know they are definitely still in Des Moines. I also would gladly destroy some Long John’s if I come across one in the wild.

    The Coon Rapids sculpture garden isn’t huge, but I’d guess there was about 15 sculptures there. I would’ve checked it out more, but it was pretty snowed over there. Eventually, I will post a few pictures from there though.

    Maybe the Arcadia double phallus sign isn’t an accident. Maybe the people in that town like to swing. Maybe it is some kind of international symbol for swingers.

    Skating Rinks. Olivia’s cousin actually owns Spinning Wheels now. Or at least did about a year ago. I assume he still does. If you’ve never heard of it, Minburn has a very interesting history with roller skaters. You should look into it.

  7. Yeah, the Ellsworth Hardees is not as quality as the others, for sure. I assume they’re just too busy to keep their A game going?

    I didn’t know Coon Rapids was so close! I assumed it was a lot farther away. I wonder if you have a Tenderloin “Best Of” list anywhere? The “Des Loines” blog seems to be defunct.

    I want to say that I saw an LJS on SW 82/84 whatever that street is in DSM? This was a while ago, though, so it might be closed. I’m curious if Abelardos got a volume discount by buying up several of them.

    Even 15 sculptures is pretty good on a small (presumably) budget! We have $15k to spend each year to put sculptures in neighborhoods, almost exclusively from the artists who submit to our Ames Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit. That usually covers between 3 and 6 sculptures, depending on how expensive the submitted options were. So getting 15 in there is pretty impressive, unless they had it somehow donated by an artist or a rich donor!

    That is brilliant. Maybe look around and see if members are swinging their keys around when they walk down the street. I assume that’s a sign of being open to a key party. (I don’t know if key parties were/are even a real thing – it seems like a really dumb idea when everyone’s keys looked largely the same in the 70s.)

    I didn’t know it was Olivia’s cousin who owned it! We went to a skating party for a friend of Alice’s… two or three years ago? I thought I broke my tailbone, but only sprained it badly and my wrist. I do not have the ability to skate it anymore.

    Googling Minburn now!

  8. From my house to the center of Coon Rapids is 1 hour 1 minute according to Google Maps. Plus if you go into town, on E63 instead of 141 you go by the most amazing farmstead. There will be pictures of it posted eventually. But it is important for you to know that “Custer died for your sins”.

    Now from your place, it is probably more like 80 minutes and probably faster to take 17 down to 141 and then over.

    The works of the Tenderloin Appreciation Society isn’t really well organized. I will just say that the tenderloin at Cole’s in Slater, the Country House in Colo are amongst the tops. Legal Limit in Boone used to have a really good one and Roosters I think uses the same recipe, but unfortunately, if you recall, the service there is terrible. Also, that restaurant in the gas station near your ‘hood has a really good tenderloin as well. Especially for a big city tenderloin. Their biggest miss is the bun. Nick’s in Des Moines also has a fine tenderloin. Whatchasmokin’ in Luther also has a good tenderloin and subpar barbecue.

    What tenderloining adventures I have poorly documented can be found by clicking the link below:

    Looks like the last time I documented a tenderloin was February 5, 2020. So it has been a spell. I hope to incorporate tenderloining in to the town sign road trips when the pandemic is over. But in the meantime, I need to get a pickup tenderloin. I wonder if Cole’s is open in the winter.

    If you are wanting the list from the Pork Producer’s Association:

    Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin Contest Winners
    1st – PrairieMoon on Main, Prairieburg
    2nd – Birdies, Burgers and Brews at Hillcrest Golf & Country Club, Graettinger
    Top Five:
    The Blind Pig, Cedar Rapids
    Sasquatch Jacks Hideaway Barroom & Grill, Waverly
    Bents Smokehouse & Pub, Westgate

    1st – The Pub at the Pinicon, New Hampton
    2nd – Stumble Inn, Bradford
    Top Five:
    Nite Hawk Bar & Grill, Slater
    Big Al’s BBQ, Des Moines
    West Side Family Restaurant, Grinnell

    1st – Three C’s Diner, Corning
    2nd – Whatcha Smokin? BBQ + Brew, Luther
    Top Five:
    The Landmark Bistro, Grundy Center
    Nine & Dine, Eagle Grove
    Stout’s Irish Pub & Grill, Clinton

    1st – Grid Iron Sports Bar and Grill, Webster City
    2nd – Northside Cafe, Winterset
    Top Five:
    The Buffalo Tavern, Burlington
    Thirsty Carp, Lake View
    Double Dip, Chariton

    1st – Nick’s, Des Moines (CLOSED)
    2nd – 1901 Chop Haus, Traer
    Top Five:
    Sweet ‘n Saucy BBQ & Catering, Fairfield
    Stumpy’s Bar & Grill, Duncombe
    Willie’s Sports Bar Inc, Hampton

    1st – Belmond Drive-In, Belmond
    2nd – Three C’s Diner, Corning
    Top Five:
    The Recovery Room, Ottumwa
    Peru Bar & Grill, Peru
    The Office, Lenox

    1st – The Lucky Pig Pub & Grill, Ogden
    2nd – Brick Street Butler Café, Bondurant
    Top Five:
    TC’s Point After, De Witt (OUT OF BUSINESS)
    B & S’s 529, Carroll
    Go Fish Marina Bar & Grill, Princeton
    Menlo Café, Menlo
    1st – River Rock Café, Mt. Pleasant
    2nd – 209 Main, Paton
    Top Five:
    Hard Luck Café, Kalona
    Doosky’s Pizza & Patio Restaurant, Hinton
    Malarky’s Pub, Storm Lake

    1st – Breitbach’s Country Dining, Balltown
    2nd – Vinny’s BBQ, Dakota City
    Top 5:
    The Dog House, Pella
    Kelly’s Country Oven, Monticello
    Antlers Bar & Grill, Clare
    1st – Gramma’s Kitchen, Walcott
    2nd – The Country House Family Restaurant, Colo
    Top Five:
    Legal Limit Pub & Grill, Boone
    The Rusty Duck, Dexter
    Newton’s Paradise Cafe, Waterloo

    1st – Buck’s Bar & Grill, Mitchellville (OUT OF BUSINESS)
    2nd – Happy’s Place, Dubuque
    Top Five:
    CJ’s, Aspinwall (CLOSED)
    Boonie’s, Earlville
    The Gasthaus, Cherokee

    1st – Goldie’s Ice Cream Shoppe, Prairie City
    2nd – TC’s Point After, De Witt (OUT OF BUSINESS)
    Top Five:
    Corner Station, Templeton
    Tojo’s Bar & Grill, Jamaica
    Angle Inn, Walford
    1st – Augusta Restaurant, Oxford
    2nd – Michael’s Restaurant, Des Moines
    Top Five:
    The Palmer House, Palmer
    Flatheads Bar & Grill, St. Anthony
    Hillcrest Golf & Supper Club, Graettinger

    1st – Larsen’s Pub, Elk Horn
    2nd – Rustix Restaurant, Humboldt
    Top Five:
    Fat Randi’s Bar & Grill, Van Meter
    Junction Bar & Grill, Delta
    BK’s Sports Bar & Grill, Ogden

    1st – The Town House Supper Club, Wellsburg
    2nd – The Links Restaurant & Lounge, Panora
    Top Five:
    Jo’s Bar & Grill, Searsboro
    TC’s Point After, De Witt (OUT OF BUSINESS)
    St. Olaf Tavern, St. Olaf

    1st – Dairy Sweet, Dunlap (under new mgmt.)
    2nd – Lou’s Diner, Woodward
    Top Five:
    Mrs. Bibbs Tenderloins, Des Moines
    Big John’s, Bode
    The Farmer’s Kitchen, Atlantic
    2004 (Best GRILLED Tenderloin Contest)
    1st – Suburban Restaurant, Ames (OUT OF BUSINESS)
    2nd – Stinky’s Bar & Grill, Aplington
    3rd – Slaby’s Restaurant, Walcott

    1st – Darrell’s Place, Hamlin
    2nd – Rookie’s Bar & Grill, North Liberty
    Top Five:
    Elm’s Club, Creston
    Perry Bowl, Perry
    Viking Lake, Stanton

    The best burgers history is too hard to copy and paste, so if that interests you, here is the link:

    I actually don’t see the Coon Rapids Bowling alley on either list, so that is a total false memory, I guess.

    I will tell you that the tenderloin at The Lucky Pig in Ogden is trash. There service has also been awful, every time I’ve been there.

    My guess is you might be able to get every sculpture in the Coon Rapids sculpture garden for $15k. But I mean if towns like Coon Rapids and Webster City can have sculpture gardens, then what does that say about Ames? But now I wish I would have taken more pictures while I was there.

    I doubt I will ever make it back to Arcadia, Iowa, but it is right off US30, so I guess I will probably drive past again at some point. Perhaps on my way to Counciltucky. But I do also wonder if key parties really ever existed. Maybe it was like the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, where people lost it over Satanists that never existed.

    Olivia’s cousin and wife bought it about 3 years ago. I think that was the last time I talked to him.

    I found out about Minburn’s skating history because we went there once to eat at a kinda hipster restaurant there that is in their old railroad depot. The walls are covered in pictures of all these roller skating teams. Then in the middle of the town is a fair sized roller skate sign.

  9. That’s a robust list for the Iowa winners! But I definitely enjoy your list more.

    I want to say Jon and I went to the Country House exactly once. I think he maybe got the tenderloin and loved it, I got something that was NOT the tenderloin and it was just okay. We were sort of screwed when we discovered they didn’t take credit cards, so Jon left me to go hit an ATM. I wonder if I could get take-out from Roosters. We got what we’d heard was supposed to be a fantastic tenderloin from the restaurant in the Gateway as takeout here a couple of months ago, and it was crap – wish we’d just gone and gotten one at the gas station.

    I’ve only ever had Watcha Smokin’s barbecue – they catered it for a department meeting once. It was just okay, although I think they had great pickles? I’ll have to get the tenderloin if we ever go or order from there. I fully agree on the Lucky Pig – I haven’t ever had a good meal there. I don’t think I ever had great service even when it was… crap, I’m blanking on the name. The bar that used to be in the building across from the former grocery store.

    I’ll see if I can find the Coon Rapids sculpture garden online. Many art commissions are fairly organized – I’m trying my hardest to get our collection database online, but am fighting city employees to do the next step.

    Man, I remember that Satanic Panic swept Ogden in the early 90s. I want to say I was in middle school, and some person came and lectured at our church about how to spot Satanism. Wearing your bangs over your left eye, having dark hair, all Satanism. Any rock and/or roll. Especially the Eagles. ALL the Eagles. But that’s only sort of rock and roll.

    I think that was likely them that owned it when we went; I believe it had been recently reopened! That’s awesome, I had no idea!

  10. I have heard that the Country House got new owners a few years back and the quality has slipped, so that doesn’t surprise me. I can’t speak for it currently, but one of the best times to go to the Country House is on Sundays. They are only open for a few hours and they have a small menu, like 6 items. Unfortunately, the tenderloin isn’t on the list. But the meal is served family style. So the sides (and there are like 4 or 5 of them) are all you can eat. Kind of like The Machine Shed on a smaller scale. And the sides are really good. I particularly love the cole slaw. I usually get the fried chicken. Which is/was amazing. Plus, don’t forget pie. Don’t know that I’ve ever had bad pie from anywhere.

    Here is a rule of thumb, perhaps a little bit of mansplaining, for road trips. Any time you eat at a small town restaurant, it is best to assume they don’t take credit cards or if they do, they have a crazy high minimum to pay with credit card. Which I don’t blame them, considering the raping they take on credit card fees. I always take extra cash on road trips, where I think small town food.
    might be on the docket. And if other people are going with me, I bring extra cash, just in case they are expecting to use the plastic.

    I’m guessing you are thinking of BK’s. What Lucky Pig was before it was Lucky Pig. They had a great tenderloin. That ultimately became the Legal Limit tenderloin and is now, more or less, the Roosters tenderloin. I’m not 100% on the provenance on that, but I’m 95% sure.

    I once went to the Red Barn in Exira and I thought we were going to get lynched when my friend tried to play with a credit card. They weren’t the friendliest people to start with.

    I’ll try to fast track my Coon Rapids pictures, but no promises.

    I think that was about the time the Satanic Panic swept Boone I’m sure. I remember Lowell’s dad having a bunch of information about it. The Eagles were definitely on the list, but so was Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. Oh yeah, and kiss.

    One of my favorite podcasts is Behind the Bastards. They did a great show on the Satanic Panic and how it relates to QAnon:

    It really completely destroyed the lives of a lot of innocent people in California.

  11. I almost never want birthday cake. I’d much prefer birthday pie. But not pumpkin or pecan ever. Rarely chocolate. Tart fruit pie. But some family-style sides sound amazing. I do miss things like eating at a new or favorite place so much. My second vaccine is on Monday, so maybe I can go eat family style somewhere on my own. That seems practical.

    That makes total sense to just always carry cash. We are usually on major highways when we go somewhere, so I never would have considered it. It is logical to have those smaller restaurants who don’t have the crazy volume not accept credit cards. Although I still sort of think to this day that not accepting credit cards was one of the big reasons Old George’s Pizza closed here in town. (And they got crazy expensive.)

    BKs! That’s it! I totally spaced on the name for a bit there. The food was much better back then, but I don’t think the service was ever good. But a fantastic tenderloin can make up for that. Now there’s just nothing going for it.

    Well, I’m for sure going to listen to that as soon as I’m done listening to alllllll the Inauguration coverage. I can’t bring myself to turn it off.

  12. I should start with the Satanic Panic podcast has two parts. Both great and disturbing. Great podcast in general. Also not safe for work or kids. For example, on their most recent episode about Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch, there is extensive reference to all the “tugging” that Hitler probably did when he was in prison.

    Cake is okay. Especially Mayonnaise Cake or Carrot Cake or Red Velvet Cake, but I do much prefer pie. I even have strongly argued that the name cheesecake should be changed to cheesepie. I’ve had a few converts.

    I am so jealous of your vaccinations. And now it turns out that Cadet Bone Spurs’ Regime had ZERO plan for vaccine distribution. Yeah, looks like I’ll be getting mine in September. If I’m lucky.

    I do miss Old George’s. I just miss having a variety of food. Tomorrow is Casey’s Pizza night in my rotation. So I’ll be knocking down some Casey’s Pizza tomorrow night. But man, I could definitely knock down a pizza from The Adobe or Pickles in Kamrar.

    I took the afternoon off to take Olivia’s dad to a doctor appointment in Des Moines. So many places I just wanted to go eat, but while I was waiting for him, I just went to the Sculpture Garden to play with my new lens/Christmas present to myself.

    I can’t complain about the service at BK’s because one time, the woman who made all their tenderloin came in on her day off just to make me and Scottie D. tenderloins. So, I skew the average.

    Have you had a change to listen to the other podcast I sent you? It doesn’t look promising.

    Major highways. Lame. But safe, I guess.

  13. I will give that a shot! I can listen to it while working from home, for sure. And man, I hope Hitler had to take part in something that he would consider to be absolutely humiliating to him. I’ve been doing my ancestry, and every time one of my German relatives is named “Adolphus” or “Adolph,” I wince.

    Jon brought home a delicious chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting today for my birthday that reminds me a lot of mayonnaise cake. We may be getting pie on his birthday in a few weeks. I’d 100% call it cheesepie – I will if I remember. It has a crust and an upper layer that’s different; it’s infinitely more like pie than cake. It is sort of like a sour cream raisin pie (but with the benefit of not having raisins).

    Did you see that Kayleigh McMoron was trying to tweet saying that “we did too have a plan.” That moron isn’t even employed by Trump anymore and she’s still trying to save face. Just come out and say, “Yeah, we had nothing.” And like she was involved in any planning, anyway – her job was clearly to lie to the public. Just shut up. It’s all so disappointing. I called my grandpa and told him to start watching for vaccine clinics after Feb. 1.

    How was Casey’s? We ordered from Blaze, so I got my goat cheese pizza and shared it with Charlie. I miss having a variety of food, and eating it in-restaurant while it’s still warm. I hope all of those poor places aren’t closed by the time everything reopens fully.

    I hope he’s doing well – that was so great of you to take him to Des Moines! The Sculpture Garden was probably a far safer choice than going anywhere to eat, and beautiful. I hope the lens is great!

    Wow! Okay, that’s amazing. I only ever dealt with the wait staff. I remember one of them being the mom of a kid in the grade above me, and being… I don’t know how to put it nicely. You know those grizzled, angry old ladies with the smoker’s hack who work in small town bars? She was like that everywhere. There are many fine people who don’t fit that bill, but she definitely did.

    I listened to three minutes. Then I just stopped. I don’t know that I can even tell you what happened, it was just nothing I cared about?

    I believe you’ve ridden with me – I can’t drive, and I have to stop every hour and a half to pee. Major highways are WAY better for that!

  14. You dirty krauts and your hatred for raisins. No wonder you keep trying to take over the world!

    Maybe someday I’ll open up a restaurant and call it the Cheesepie Factory. Only it won’t suck and be overpriced.

    Casey’s was solid as always. Now next Friday’s supper will be a mystery. Then the following Friday will be a new month, so it will be a new monthly special. That will be exciting!

    Trump bootlickers like Kayleigh have to decide if they want to embrace their Trump legacy or try to pretend like they weren’t complicit. Sadly, financially, I’m sure many will try to keep sucking up to Trump and keep fleecing the rubes. I went town sign harvesting in Japser County yesterday. In the town of Lynnville, there was a scary amount of Trump propaganda on this one hill in the south end of town. There were way too many Trump signs up still, but that was the area of the highest concentration. Although I drove by house out in the country that had I think 6, but possibly more Trump flags flying. All of them different. It was almost impressive in a fascist sorta way.

    As for Jim, I don’t know if you heard, but he had a low blood sugar incident several weeks back while he was driving and put his car in the ditch north of town. He hurt his back and was in the hospital for a week and then a nursing home for a week after that. He has been in a clamshell back brace since then. Took him down to an appointment and he is cleared to not wear the back brace any more. He has one last follow-up appointment in 6 weeks.

    He is very lucky in many obvious ways, but it also was the impetus for changing the way his blood sugar is monitored and insulin distributed and his numbers have been much better since then.

    It is a hipster lens that I bought for my Christmas Present to myself. There will be a full blog post on it at some point in the near future.

    The full BK’s story is that we called ahead and told them we were coming in for the tenderloin and they said they were out and they called the tenderloin chef and she came in and made them for us special.

    The full story is here:

    Legal Limit had a waitress that more or less fit that description. She was amazing! And I’m not being facetious. You had to get to know her, so I think if you had her just once, you would think she was rude, but if you had her several times, you’d realize she just had a super dry personality. She was hilarious when you realized what was going on. Plus, she always knew our order.

    Now I miss going to Colorado Grill and sitting at the bar on Friday nights to get waited on by Kelli. She is the best.

    You gave that podcast as much attention as it probably deserved. I looked at the titles and the comments and figured it was some kind of Republican Jesus stuff. Maybe someday I’ll give it a try.

    I do recall this, but the half hour pee breaks, maybe cost you your spot as photo assistant for the Calhoun County Town Sign Harvest.

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