Swearing In

A few weeks back I went down to Camp Dodge to watch Johnathan be sworn into the Air Force. Here are a few pictures from that ceremony.

Unfortunately, Johnathan was injured during basic training. He will be returning home to Iowa to recuperate. He can return to the Air Force when he is fully healed if he so chooses. Either way, we are still awfully proud of him.

Personal Photo Project of the Week #114

Happy Easter - 2012
Happy Easter – 2012

I wanted my Easter picture to be a Peep burning in a microwave. Unfortunately, I waited so long to take this picture that the Peep I procured off of Teresa had melted in my car, so you probably can’t tell what it is. That is just one of the many failures in this picture, but when you are dealing with fire, you never quite know what to expect.

Here are a couple more examples:

Happy Easter - 2012

Happy Easter - 2012

Next year I will hopefully be more on schedule.

United Way Wall

A few weeks back I posted about a collection of photos of mine that grace the wall of the United Way of Story County’s lobby wall. I finally got a chance to get down there to see the wall in its glory on Saturday before Shannon and I went to see Rent.

I promised a picture of the wall. Here is that picture:

If you wish to see the wall and all of its glory in person, this map will help: